You Voted.. But Did It Count?

As we reported previously, it seemed there was a discrepancy with Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose's announcement about who could actually vote on April 28. According to the Secretary's office and the media, the only eligible voters for in-person voting had to fall into one of these categories.

The highlighted section seemed to be a key piece of information that was kept from voters. However, the Hamilton County Board of Elections has informed us that just because a ballot was issued, doesn't mean it will be counted. If you did not request an absentee ballot, yet still voted with a provisional ballot on April 28, your vote will not count. However, an official from the Board of Elections did tell us if you simply said you were disabled or homeless, you would have been given a ballot and your vote would in fact count. Listen to the call below.

There are over 4,000 provisional ballots and the board will determine if each ballot is eligible or not.

pc: Jim Berns

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