Cincinnati West Music Academy Grand Opening.

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"Where words leave off, music begins.”-Heinrich Heine.

The doors are closing on the month of April but Cincinnati West Music Academy's ( 3985 Race Rd. #17, Cincinnati 45211 )are wide open. The Grand opening is kicking off April 27th at noon, and goes till six that evening. An event of this magnitude is impossible to squeeze into just one day. That's why this opening is grooving throughout the entire weekend. There will be games, food on the grill, drinks of course, and instruments for you to experiment with in between games of corn hole. "My business partner Craig Williams (former Diamond Oaks Physics teacher/Geologist) and I (Steve Dirr) aim to be a positive addition to the community, giving back, as well as thrive as a business." Part owner of Cincinnati West Music Academy, Steve Dirr.

Cincinnati West Music Academy has more to offer than your typical music shop but we truly won't know how lucky we are until April 27th that these owners decided to set up shop on the west side. I caught up with Steve to elaborate more on his business, and how they plan to be a nice contribution for the community. "Our mission is to make The Academy a safe place for people to learn a skill, stay out of trouble, and apply themselves outside of school, as well as in school." -Part owner of CWMA Steve Dirr Listening to Steve tell me about his business plans, what he hopes to accomplish, one word says it all. This is a mission. Their goals are set, and they have a direct plan of attack on how to achieve it.

Value to the community is a top priority on the docket at The Academy. Staying true to their word they offer good grade incentives during report card time. They will be hosting free community nights over the summer. This includes a movie night, game night, free lesson night, and music workshop day. They will also be holding a monthly meeting starting in May for people suffering from depression, anxiety, or anyone that needs a support system.

Inside The Academy 3985 Race Rd. #17, Cincinnati 45211

I've known Steve for quite some time. I've seen him perform countless times. There was a point that if I was out a few times a month I probably would have run into one of Steve's shows. The guy has been playing music with a smile on his face for as long as I can remember. That's just the kind of guy Steve is. After you meet Steve you'll say to yourself "That's a genuine nice guy." When he told me he would be holding monthly meetings for people dealing with depression, and in need of a support system, I thought well here's something you won't get at Sam Ash Guitar Center. (nothing against Sam Ash, they are a great store, fantastic all around. Don't sue me Sam Ash, seriously if you're thinking about suing me, contact the Gazette at 513-703-5070 and I'll take down the whole post. Steve gets enough love anyway. Best wishes -The Cheviot Gazette ) I thought it was a great innovative idea and wanted to know more about the details on what prompted Steve to hold these meetings. "Honestly, I'm not a stranger to it myself. I've felt rock bottom, and its awful. I want to pull as many people out as I can." Steve told the Cheviot Gazette.

Q: As a teacher, is this something you saw in your students as you worked with them and built relationships?

A: "Yes, it is something that I've recognized in students and parents have thanked me for being a mentor, as well as a teacher."

Q: Do you think depression is something more commonly found in musicians? Kind of, their gift is also their curse?

A: "Yes. It runs deep in the creative. We are fun, we are smiling, we make plans, we have a massive support system, and yet we feel invisible most of the time. An old musician I look up to very much once said "Nah, I don't want that seat..its the loneliest stool in the house." Its true, and some days its not. Just depends on where our heads are that day."

I thanked Steve for being so open with me. It's not always easy to admit these things, or even talk about real issues of personal struggle. He told me he's an open book and doesn't mind at all having these types of conversations. Just another reason he's perfect for the job.

Q: Let's switch gears a little bit, tell me a little bit about your business partner Craig Williams. How did you two team up?

A: Me and Craig have been buds since I graduated high school. He was my physics teacher, then I was his guitar teacher. Then he got me a job working with special needs students, doing youth and adult music classes at Diamond and Scarlet Oaks. Been friends ever since."

If you're thinking how does physics transfer into music... Well, at The Academy more than one might think. They actually teach the student's the science behind sound and what the wavelengths look like via oscilloscope. (Never mind I lied. Go ahead and sue me Sam Ash. You have nothing on The Cincinnati West Music Academy.)

The mission at The Academy couldn't be any clearer. This isn't just a music shop that teaches, it listens. Priding itself on thinking outside the box that challenges it's students to succeed in a way they never thought fathomable. They also want to reach as many people as possible. With that being said being family affordable is an equal part of their mission. They offer a plethora of services to choose from like guitar lessons, bass, drums, vocal coaching, ukulele, and soon piano and violin. They will even help your band with booking or recording services. Are you a music junkie like Steve and Craig? Need to make some room in your basement? Well, The Academy has you covered there as well offering music storage room and practice space so you can jam out without your pesky neighbor calling the police. (You'll be able to rest easy tonight Claire.)

If you have been putting off learning that new instrument you got for Christmas, or have always wanted to play, but didn't know exactly where to start, come out April 27th, your search is over. For a limited time they're offering three different lesson deals in half hour, and hour increments. (half hour $30, hour $50, vocal half hour $25) If you act fast you can take advantage of this special pricing!

  1. Buy 2 lessons get 1 FREE*

  2. Buy 3 lessons get 1 FREE, PLUS your lessons are recorded for home practice. (Great Value)

  3. Monthly Memberships are currently on sale for $150. Which gives you the freedom to schedule lessons anytime during the month (seven, half hour lessons total per month) around your schedule, not someone else's.

If you still haven't got off your couch they even offer online lessons! With Cincinnati West Music Academy they have eliminated all the excuses not to finally learn the instrument of your dreams.

So come early, and stay late on April 27th! Everyone that attends will get a raffle ticket. They will be drawing tickets throughout the event with the first pick winning a free hour lesson! Second gets a free half hour lesson, and third, but not last, will receive a $10 off lesson coupon. Hope to see you there!

Can't wait that long for the Grand Opening? Steve Dirr & Jayda Klink will be performing this Friday, April 19th, at Legends Bar & Venue. Door's open at 9pm with a $7 donation.

Steve Dirr & Jayda Klink @ Legends Bar & Venue Friday April 19th. Doors open at 9pm, $7 donation @ door.

The talents of Jayda Klink below.

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