Where Did Your Street Name Come From?

Have you ever wondered how street names are decided? Here are a few street name tidbits you can rattle off to uninterested passengers riding in your car. If you have more street name info please drop them in the comments so we can add them to the list! Thank you!

Westwood Northern Boulevard

This street is named for the area through which it traverses, namely the Cincinnati suburb of Westwood.

North Bend Rd.

Originally a deer path, this road was discovered by the “Deacon” Richard Gaines in 1809. Like many other streets, it’s name comes from how it’s a northwards oriented street that has a few bends in it.

Bridgetown Rd.

Bridgetown was named after the New Jersey city from which two families(Fithians and Shepards) came when they settled in the area between 1812 and 1820. The road itself I imagined was named for the same reason.

Glenmore Ave.

There are no commonly available records detailing where this name came from, though it’s possible it could be related to former Cheviot resident Glen Ryle. He was a popular Cincinnati figure known for the Skipper Ryle Show on WKRV Television.

Harrison Ave.

One would think that after President William Henry Harrison gave a 4th of July address in Bethel Baptist Church, Harrison Ave. would have been named after him. However, it was actually named for its connection between Brighton and Harrison.

Alta Vista Ave.

The name “Alta Vista” means “a view from above” or “high view” in Spanish and Portugese. It’s a name often given to streets that are higher in elevation than nearby streets.

Applegate Ave.

This road was likely named for the man who was police marshal of Cheviot in 1909, Davis Applegate.

Churchview Ln

This street was named for the view of Cheviot United Methodist Church that it offers.

Smith Rd.

This is a common road name, usually in honor of a person with the surname of “Smith.” -Anyone know who? T-Shirt giveaway??

Lovell Ave.

This street was likely named for a Cheviot family’s surname. Lovell is a French name meaning “wolf.”

Delmar Ave.

This street was likely named for a Cheviot family’s surname. Delmar is a French name meaning “from the pond.”

Davis Ave.

Another road that was likely named for police marshal Davis Applegate.

Frolicher Ave.

German in origin, this is a common surname in Ohio, thus this street was likely named after a family with this last-name.

Kenkel Ave.

This is a common German surname and this road was likely named for a German family who lived there.

Higbee St.

This is a common surname in Ohio, originating in the U.K.

St. Martins Pl.

This street was named after the Catholic church located by it, Saint Martin of Tours established in 1911.

Robb Ave.

A road that was likely named for a wealthy family who lived in Cheviot in the 1800s.

West Ct.

This is the 7th most popular street name in Ohio. It’s likely named for the direction it goes, West.

Albert Ave.

This road could possibly be named after the 1968 mayor of Cheviot, Albert W. Schottelkotte.




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