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What Should Be Done About Franks?

Actualizado: 21 de feb de 2020

Enough is enough, according to the City of Cheviot. We all know the building. After all, it's hard to miss an old, yellow brick, green awning building that has sat empty for years. The same building that sits prominently along Harrison Ave. How long has it sat empty? Five years? Ten years? I'm not too sure, but it has been a long time. It's about time something is done with it.

Photo taken 5/20/19

On May 10th, the City of Cheviot posted a notice of violation on the front doors of Franks. In summary, the notice stated that the property owners "violated Ordinance 131.05 as it pertains to weeds, vines, brush or grass". The owners are allowed 5 days to fix the violation. If these problems aren't corrected within the time frame, a minor misdemeanor will be issued. The five days have quickly come and gone, with the notice of the violation still on the door.

Photo taken 5/20/19

The second notice that hung on the front doors included violations of the Cheviot Building Code, Section 301, 302, 304, 307 and Chapter 155. Some of the 13 items that were listed included "Scrape and paint the block walls and the boarded up windows on the entire property, repair or replace spalling and deteriorated bricks on the entire building, replace all cracked or broken windows on the building, secure rear entrance on the loading dock and remove graffiti from the entire building". The owners have until 7/10/19 to correct these violations.

Photo taken 5/20/19

So now that the City of Cheviot has cracked down on the owners of the Franks building what now? Even if the owners fix all the violations, it's still going to be an empty building, sitting prominently on Harrison Ave. I have a suggestion. I'm going to preface my opinion by saying, I have no idea how city governments work, and I am not a property owner. With that said, how about green space?

You may be thinking why a green space. Well for one, a park or a community garden would be a lot prettier than an old building. A park brings the community together. It's a place that at any given time, anyone and everyone is there having a great time. Studies have shown that spending time outdoors is good for the soul. Okay, that last part I made up. But you get the picture.

You could also be saying to yourself, but what about Harvest Home Park? And to that I say yeah, so what? There can't be too many parks in a city. Besides, Harvest Home Park is on the opposite side of Cheviot for a lot of folks. All I'm saying is, Cone Zone and a nearby park would make a great summer day.

So what are YOUR thoughts about the Franks building? Do you think the owners should do what they need to do, and let it sit on the market for many more years? Would you like to see a restaurant go in, and if so, what kind of restaurant? How about a garden, or even a beer garden? It's about time something is done about this eyesore.

Photo taken 5/20/19

Photo taken 5/20/19

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