What's Happening In The Health Care Industry?

Join Dr. Cory Gaiser tonight at 7 PM virtually, hosted by EmpowerUOhio. As a physician of Internal Medicine, Dr. Gaiser's class tonight will provide new unique insight into the current trend developing in the health care industry.

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"Over the past 20-25 years, physicians have found refuge from the complexities of private practice through employment with large health care corporations.  This seemed like the logical business move to make, no overhead costs, the staff is provided for you, and a 9-5 schedule.  The idea of focusing solely on patient-health and not the bureaucratic side of medicine was ideal. Oftentimes, smaller, private clinics would be bought-out by health care companies which, at the time, seemed like the most appropriate step to improve patient care.

With all the difficulties surrounding the implementation of medicine (predominantly insurance reimbursement), this was an easy way to improve patient and self-care, or so it seemed.  There is a new trend emerging in health care (not surprisingly) that shadows physician employment from a long time ago.  More physicians are making the decision to go back into private practice, leaving their large corporate “safety net”, but why?"

Dr. Cory Gaiser

"Dr. Cory Gaiser is a physician of Internal Medicine who currently practices in the Cincinnati area, and has been in practice since 2016. He has completed a 3-year residency at The Jewish Hospital in their Internal Medicine Residency Program, followed by a year as Chief Resident. Most recently, he worked in an Internal Medicine Group owned by Mercy Health and is currently setting up his own practice called New Body Aesthetics, on Harrison Ave. in Cincinnati, OH. He is a member of the American Medical Association and the American College of Physicians.

Dr. Gaiser, his wife, and two children live on an 8.5-acre Honey Bee farm on the west side of Cincinnati where they also raise goats, chickens, peacocks, and geese. He is a second-generation physician who, with his wife, owns and operates several small businesses including Gaiser Bee Company, West Side Market, Gaiser Management Group, and Gaiser Realty.

On a volunteer basis, he was Director of the Code Blue Advancement Committee for Surgical and Medical Residents at Jewish Hospital and served on the Critical Care Committee.

He is an outdoor enthusiast and in his spare time, he enjoys beekeeping, managing his mini-farm, kayaking, and competing in outdoor events. He also enjoys scuba diving and restoring cars and boats."

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