Three Reasons Not To Like TikTok

I never thought I'd be old enough to start disliking things popularized by the younger

generation. I thought I would be cool and hip forever. The fact that I still use "cool" and "hip" shows my age. I don't think the younger generation even knows what those words even mean. I can see something and label it as "cool," but someone ten years younger than me would call it a "GOAT." GOAT is apparently an acronym for something, but I'm too lazy to see why something "cool" is comparable to the cute animal closely related to a sheep.

Anyway, when we wanted to make funny videos back in the old days, we would need to grab a camcorder and our Grandmother's wedding video and record over it. We didn't have comprehensive editing software or anything. We just had that one take, and that was it. We had cute videos to send to "America's Funniest Home Videos" of us falling off of a slide, falling off our bikes, or falling off a merry-go-round horse. Come to think of it, a lot of videos we found funny were just people falling off of things, but it was a much simpler time. Now we have TikTok, an app where we can record and edit short videos to upload to the internet. Despite millions of people worldwide (mostly younger people, or Generation Z) using the app, we millennials don't care for it very much. Let's take a look at three reasons why I don't like TikTok.

3. The People Who Use It Are Attention-Starved

At least when we made old home videos, we planned what we were going to do ahead of time. Despite most of it being us wiping out on bikes, we still had some quality to our content. When you look at a lot of videos on TikTok, you'll see people recording themselves doing absolutely nothing. I saw a video that was just this girl chewing her food. What is that? How little attention did you get as a child to need to seek validation from internet strangers for chewing food?

2. TikTok Challenges Are Stupid (And Sometimes Dangerous)

We used to do cute pranks on home videos that weren't particularly dangerous to ourselves or others. However, the collective TikTok community decides to do hashtag challenges that are downright stupid sometimes. One was called the "cereal bowl challenge," where someone would lay back with their mouth wide open while someone else poured milk and cereal into their mouths. This increased the risk of choking on the cereal and potentially getting fluid into the lungs. Another challenge was the "penny challenge," where children would put a penny in between a wall charger and the outlet. Apparently, TikTok's challenges are only for those whose parents didn't raise them with common sense.

1. TikTok Is A Chinese Spyware App

Anonymous, the activist hacker group that does hacking for good, found out that TikTok is basically malware. It was created by the Chinese government as an undercover spying operation to exploit the attention-starved. The worst part is, these kids just shrug their shoulders like it's no big deal. "Oh, we have an app on our phones the Chinese can use to spy on us? No big deal. Watch me electrocute myself by putting a fork in an outlet!"

Somewhere, our Grandmothers who taught us common sense are rolling in their graves, because we failed Generation Z.

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