This Cheviot House is a Must see this Halloween

Actualizado: 31 de oct de 2019

As local families take to the streets of Cheviot tomorrow evening, one house in particular needs to be on your trick or treating route. Harbler Manor, located at 3710 Homelawn Ave.

PC: The Teal Pumpkin Project

The Harbler family pulls out all the tricks when it comes to Halloween. They are also a member of the Teal Pumpkin Project. The Teal Pumpkin Project raises food allergy awareness by adding non-food treats like toys as a choice for children on Halloween. If you notice a copiousness amount of teal pumpkins on porches this Halloween, that is signaling the home is food allergy-friendly and offers alternatives to food treats. "I buy toys the year before Halloween when everything is discounted and save them for the following year. The kids love having them as a choice!" said Angela Harbler.

The Harbler household is located at 3710 Homelawn Ave. If you're in the area you'll know you're at the right house by the fantastic display laid out before you.

Each year the Harbler's choose a different theme for their home display. Last year's theme was Harry Potter based on their son's resemblance to Draco Malfoy. "We tend to take inspiration for our themes from what is going on in our lives. Whether it be neat decorations we see, or inspiration that strikes our fancy throughout the year."

This year the theme is Disney Villains. Trick or treaters can expect to see familiar faces like Dr. Facilier, Cruella, Gaston and many more. Everything from the decorations to the lights, even the music being played will be Disney villain related. "The whole family will be dressed in theme, including our dogs!" said Mrs. Harbler.

On a typical Halloween night, weather permitting, the Harbler household sees anywhere from 200-300 trick or treaters. It's no wonder why, considering treaters will have the choice to choose from Kool-Aid juice, full-size candy bars, or a small Halloween toy. "We love it when the little ones come up to the porch to trick or treat." If children are too frightened to approach the house the Disney villains will kindly meet them on the street.

The Harbler family says's "We are out passing out candy every year regardless of the weather. It makes us so happy to see the kids come back year after year and tell us how much they look forward to visiting our house. We hope to bring some Halloween cheer to the neighborhood. We also want to encourage our neighbors to decorate and pass out candy. It helps bring some magic to the kids' childhood and helps bring the whole neighborhood together!"

If you're in the area the Harbler family would love for your family to stop by.

Here's to a happy and safe Halloween!

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