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The Drama Workshop: Working The Drama Workshop (TDW) presents Working, a Musical, opening on Friday, May 3rd and running until May 19th , Sunday at the Glenmore Playhouse, 3716 Glenmore Ave. Depicting the lives of average, working Americans, this musical will surely resonate with many people in the City of Cheviot and the Cincinnati community. This is specifically written to move and inspire anyone who has ever punched a time clock and who has gone through the drudgery of nine to five.

Is that The Village People? Nope! It's EVEN BETTER! Meet the cast of WORKING

Working is brought to us by Cheviot’s very own The Drama Workshop, our homegrown theater group which has been producing much-anticipated shows for over 50 years. Since its establishment in 1954, The Drama Workshop has been dedicated to advancing the theatrical arts, presenting at least three shows every theater season. TDW has been honored with several awards throughout the years and is affiliated with Association of Community Theaters (ACT) and Ohio Community Theater Association (OCTA). All TDW productions are shown with pride at their very own playhouse in downtown Cheviot, called The Glenmore Playhouse. Working is a fitting conclusion, marking the end of TDW’s prolific 2018-2019 season.

First staged in Chicago in 1977 and later debuting in Broadway, Working was adapted by Nina Faso and Grammy and Academy Award winner Stephen Schwartz. It is based on Working: People Talk about What They Do All Day and How They Feel about What They Do, the bestselling book of interviews about the American workforce by Pulitzer Prize-winning author Studs Terkel. This musical is a loving and insightful portrait of a typical American workday, as seen from the perspective of ordinary people: a steelworker, a housewife, a mason, a schoolteacher, a cleaning woman, among others. These characters are truly relatable – they could be us or people we know. Working reflects the hopes, dreams, and aspirations of the average, working American people and how they take the utmost pride in their daily routine. During its Broadway debut in 1978, it was nominated for two Tony Awards: both for Best Book of a Musical and Best Original Score. The score has been updated and revised in the past few years. It features works of great composers such as Schwartz (“All the Livelong Day”), Mary Rodgers (“Nobody Tells Me How”), James Taylor (“Brother Trucker” and “Millwork”), and Lin-Manuel Miranda (“Delivery” and “A Very Good Day”).

The musical’s director and choreographer Amy Waldfogle has wanted to do Working for years and is looking forward to staging it here in Cheviot. According to her, the lyrics and monologues are taken from real words that real people uttered about their lives and their jobs, making it all the more powerful and compelling. She loves the rawness and honesty of every single line. Together with producer Mark Waldfogle and musical director Allen Lindsey, the production is made up of a creative team of people who worked hard and can’t wait for the public to see it.

Actresses Clare Hingsbergen and Elizabeth Taylor are also excited for the chance to be part of this TDW musical. Hingsbergen says that everyone will surely connect with something in this show. Taylor, who will be performing for TDW for the first time, says that everyone will be able to find a shared experience with at least one of the characters. These talented stage thespians form part of the cast along with a great ensemble of veteran actors from around Cincinnati.

Here is the complete schedule of its entire run:

Tickets are sold for $18 each for advance orders and $20 if purchased on the day of the show. And yes, TDW shows do frequently sell out, so it is best to reserve your tickets now. You can get your tickets in advance through The Drama Workshop’s ticket line or online through the TDW website. Just follow the link and choose the date and time you prefer. The musical may not be appropriate for younger patrons as it contains adult language. The Cheviot Gazette gives readers a chance to see this great show with a ticket raffle for two on opening night. It’s very easy to join the raffle and win these tickets. To be entered simply share this post and add #WORKINGTDW to your shared post title. Winner will be announced on Cheviot Gazette Facebook page 4-29-19 good luck! Don’t miss out on this wonderful opportunity to see a world-class musical with a powerful contemporary score and poignant lyrics and monologues.

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