The Winner of The Harvest Home Fair Tickets & Plaque

This was not easy and we got so many entries sent in! Thank you everyone who sent us what The Harvest Home Fair & Parade means to you. If you sent us a submission please stop by our booth at the Fair on Friday and pick up a free unofficial Harvest Home Fair Poster. Thank you!

And the winner is...... Chris (Erdman) and Tim Berger

I’ve lived in Cheviot since 1953 and I’ve been going to the HARVEST HOME FAIR almost every year since then. My grandparents lived on Davis Avenue and we eventually moved into their home, so the fair was really a part of our lives... always! When my husband and I married we moved on Delmar, so we were even closer to the fair then. The excitement of the parade and the fair and all that goes with the “The Biggest Little Fair in Ohio” is just so important for our community!! Even when I moved to Bridgetown and then eventually to White Oak, our family would come back to see the parade and everything the Fair has to offer! My Mom entered her artwork (and won 2nd place) at the art show and we really love going through the tents for 4-H exhibits, and the art and flowers show. The kids can't wait to get on the rides and see the animals and the horse shows every year! Such wonderful memories!! Thanks to all the organizers for their hard work and especially to the Cheviot Westwood Kiwanis for ALL THEY DO THROUGHOUT THE YEAR!!!

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