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WestSide Market In A Glimpse

In case you did not know, the WestSide Market is the brainchild of Cory, and Krystle Gaiser. The couple founded it with the primary goal of shopping local. The two are Michigan natives who own a beekeeping company called Gaiser Bee Co. Eventually they decided to move to Cincinnati to raise a family. Yay babies!!!

Interestingly, having an 8.5-acre honey farm helped spark the idea of The WestSide Market. The small business pop-up market is located in a parking lot, pretty much right by N.Y.P.D Pizza in Cheviot.(Harrison Ave) It takes place on the very first Saturday of the month, from May all the way to September, kicking off at 10 AM till 3 PM.

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Krystle serves as the main coordinator and is responsible for ensuring the quality of vendors included. By essence, they pave the way for small businesses to showcase their products or brand, to the West Side. The Market brings a very unique vibe along with it, and meshes well in the City of Cheviot. The Gaisers are hopeful that the event can jump-start some momentum for the movement, which is to buy locally. Krystle, in particular, says that people have always been fond of supporting local business; hence, she believes that an outlet like WestSide Market is necessary for small businesses to succeed.

What Is WestSide Market All About

There is no doubt that you already have an idea or two about what WestSide Market is, but, at the end of the day, do you actually know the whole point of its existence? Basically, the WestSide Market has a goal of providing something fresh, and fun for everybody. Apparently, the event is made in a way that is always different every

month. For instance, there is a variety of activities introduced every morning. A popular one among these is none other than the WestSide Fitness, which looks like fun but I think I would hurt myself....badly. Also, the event features different farm animals every

month. All of these varieties have made it possible for the WestSide Market to be completely different from its contemporaries.

Why You Should Attend The WestSide Market

Unfortunately, the WestSide Market is often wrongfully labelled as a farmer’s market. Like I said before, if you were paying attention.... it is a small business pop-up market with a goal of creating an outlet for local businesses to showcase and sell their products. You might be wondering, “Why pick Cheviot?” According to the Gaisers, they wanted people to visit Cheviot and buy items from local businesses based around the area. People tend to solely focus on OTR, not minding the fact that a lot of businesses thrive in the West Side.

When Will The WestSide Market Start This Year

Have you not been paying attention at all? I mean seriously,...whatever-- The WestSide Market will start on May 4th (the first Saturday of the month) and will end November 30th (Holiday Market, Bring Your List!). The regular market hours, explained above, are from 10 AM to 3 PM. However, at the Holiday Market these hours change to 4 PM and end at 8 PM.

How To Apply

Are you interested in playing a part in the WestSide Market? If so, then keep in mind that there are a few guidelines you need to follow. Here is a quick rundown:

The WestSide Market is looking for local artists, bakers, and other local business ideas. This also means that third-party or franchise type of sales is not allowed. Remember also that the event is hell-bent at providing quality; hence, there is a need for you to provide social media pages, website links, and images, among others, that can help the organizer know you and your business. If you have no website, no need to worry – photos of your products or items should be enough. You can know more about the application process here:

Hope to see you all tomorrow!! Happy Market Day!

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