The True Treasure Inside the Divrsion Treasure Hunt

Divrsion Arcade & Board Games, located at 1151 Stone Dr. Harrison, Ohio has initiated a new marketing strategy that has sprung some unforeseen positivity into the Harrison community.

The local arcade store recently announced they would be hiding treasure chests with real gold inside throughout the 45030 area code. A riddle and clues are given to the whereabouts of each chest, and once found, the Divrsion store will unlock the chest for the treasure hunters. Once the chest is unlocked, the store will exchange the gold bar inside for $100, or the treasure hunter can elect to keep it. Once a chest is found, Divsion Arcade replaces it with another. They also will add another chest to the hunt for every 500 new members that join their Treasure Hunt Facebook Group Page.

Divrsion Arcade originally thought their treasure hunt would give friends and family a chance to take a break from their daily grind, while getting a chance to enjoy their community by engaging in a fun activity. What has transpired, however, they didn't see coming. "We are in shock. We thought it would be just a couple of people looking for the treasure chest. We just wanted something for local families to do and make memories together. We didn’t anticipate such a large turnout," said a spokesperson for Divrsion Arcade & Board Games.

Now families aren't just hunting for treasure. They are picking up garbage, posting interesting finds in the community, and sharing their experiences with the other members of the treasure hunter group. The Facebook Group Page has just under 6k members now. Divrsion Games stated they have no plans of ending the hunt anytime soon, adding that they'll continue the hunt "as long as people are interested in doing it."

Join in on the fun and tell your friends and family!

Treasure Hunt Facebook Group Page.

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