• Lizzie Kibler

The new kids with an old sound: Fickle Hellcat is the modern time traveler

By Lizzie Kibler

When I first heard the name Fickle Hellcat, my mind immediately jumped to metal or even something in the punk rock realm. After giving the self-titled album a listen, Fickle Hellcat transformed in my mind’s eye.

The best way to describe their sound is exactly how they brand themselves: vintage indie rock. Their music is new and fresh, yet remains to be something you’ve heard before even though you can’t put your finger on it.

From the beginning, their song “Bad Out There” transports you to an earlier time. You find yourself sporting your Saturday-night best gently swaying as the music cuts through the smoky room.

The notes continue to carry you along your new time-traveling adventure.

Directing you toward the bar, “Drinking” sets the scene for you to reminisce about heartache and take a moment to drown your sorrows as the crashing cymbals and plucking guitar strings play off of Rachel Maxann’s voice.

Of course the music then picks you up back on the dance floor with “Everglade”’s sultry tango-like feel.

Closing the album with their single, “With or Without You” wraps up your evening perfectly as you get your things and wander out the door to a cool September night.

Fickle Hellcat’s album takes you on a rollercoaster experience and I recommend everyone take a seat and hold on for the ride.

Fickle Hellcat’s band includes: Rachel Maxann, Ian McCullough, Zack Pontzer, Mike Wiley and Eric Wright.

Check out the CD release party here.

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