The Morning Viot: Lose That COVID Weight From Home

Just as everyone was getting their lives together in 2020, COVID-19 hit, and, well, you know the rest. Of course, there is always some excuse most of us use every year before not doing anything we said we were going to do. At least we have a legitimate excuse this year. Most gym memberships only have people stick around for two weeks at the beginning of the year before giving up their new year's resolution. This year, everyone has an excuse. So, I’ll be gentle.

Gyms everywhere suffered financially because no one wanted to go out. It's not surprising that sharing sweaty gym equipment during a pandemic didn't sound like the smartest idea.

Fortunately, you don't have to sit at home and gain weight. Who wants to go back to their jobs not being able to fit into their work uniforms? Normally I use this section to drink coffee (you can’t see me drinking it but I am literally guzzling it by the gallon as I write this section every month) and rant about things. Maybe I’m getting softer in my years, but I’ve decided to bestow some positive healthy advice down on the City of Cheviot this month. You’re welcome.

Children As Barbells

Not a lot of people keep free weights at home. You have to improvise if you want to keep your biceps firm. Biceps are one of the glamour muscles people value most when they think of attractive people. Fortunately, if you have small children, you can simply pick them up by their torsos and start lifting them. The best part is, they naturally gain weight as you begin to bulk up.

Squatting To Load Dishwasher

Your spouse probably complains that you never load or unload the dishwasher. Now, you have an excuse to be somewhat productive in your home. Instead of bending over and breaking your back to lift up a plate, try squatting instead and working your glutes and core muscles. Reaching overhead to put a plate away also works your neck muscles. Not only will you have a firm backside, but you'll make your spouse happy too. That gives you a reason to use your stronger glutes for entirely appropriate bedroom activity.

Shoulder Press The Trash

Are you the type of person who stuffs the trash into the trash can, so you're not the last person to fill the trash? That means when you struggle to pull the trash bag out to throw it, it will be heavier than usual. You can grab the trash bag and lift it above your head to work on your shoulders. You'll have stronger shoulder muscles, just make sure you're using a durable trash bag, so the bag doesn't break above your head, dropping diapers and broken glass onto your face.

Just because you’re at home doesn’t mean you have to wither away. Come out looking like the long lost cousin of Dwayne Johnson with these simple home exercise tips.

I’ll be back to my ranting self next month. Don’t worry.

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