The Media Should Watch Stranger Things.

Actualizado: 19 de feb de 2019

Before I begin, if you don't watch Stranger things yourself, you should. It's a great show. Whether you do or not, go ahead and play the video below.

I am not going to lay out the backstory leading up to this clip so those who still want to watch the show don't need to worry about reading any spoilers. For the context of this post it isn't relevant anyway.
So in this scene we have Jonathan and Nancy, seeking out a reporter (Murray) to get their confession tape out to the masses and expose the injustice on the tape. Immediately after the recording stops Murray stands up, walks into the kitchen, and pours himself a drink of vodka. Nancy, and Jonathan can't believe their eyes. They are in shock. Nancy says to him "What are you doing?" Murray replies "Thinking". The word thinking is said three more times during this scene. Murray also puts on some music to relax his mind. Then he continues to think. It's easy to see this is not what Jonathan, and Nancy have come to expect his reaction to be. Nancy asks him "Is it enough?" "How long is this going to take?" "Is it incriminating or not?" "It's a very simple question." She even shouts out "He admits it!" Nancy has her smoking gun, or so she thinks, and wants immediate strong action taken. Murray continues to think.

It's then that Murray gets his revelation. His drink of vodka is too strong. It's not enjoyable, it's too over barring. However, if he cut's the same drink with water it mellows the displeasure. Giving his taste buds, a more familiar experience. This is the same thing they have to do with their recorded confession.

This scene is very powerful. To me it speaks volumes of how the media SHOULD operate in today's world. I am convinced they are just as satisfied throwing a topic out to the public to bicker over so individuals feel the need to make a strong stance for, or against, to show how smart they are, or how morally sound they are. Facts, come second to emotion. Being first to report something, takes precedent over reporting it accurately. We all know this, but we can't seem to help ourselves when the next click bate video gets everyone at the water cooler talking. Even the people that take the stance -Well, it's all just nonsense, and everyone getting outraged about it is stupid too.- have played right into the media's charade as well. Heck even this post i'm writing now continues to turn the wheel. There really is no stopping it, we just need to be more disciplined, and like Murray, think.

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