The Free Little Library, Cheviot Style.

Cheviot just got a new library, a little one.

I personally have wanted to see this brought to Cheviot ever since I saw my first Little Library. I remember I was in Covington Kentucky, walking my date back to her car and I noticed this oddly shaped tree, just off the sidewalk behind a small fence. It was no ordinary tree. It was just about as tall as it was wide, or so it seemed, and part of it had been carved out with two light fixtures hung inside. My eyes were fixated on it as the tree began to creep closer into my point of view. I said "hey look at that" My date wasn't as impressed as she had seen many of these Little Library's before, as she explained the concept to me.

  1. You simply just take a book. (return it when you finish)

  2. You can replace the book you take, with one of your own you want to share.


I was still a bit taken back by this little library self-sustaining ecosystem. There had to be more to this....some kind of catch... some underlining plague these tiny wood structures would unleash upon unsuspecting American town's...Ah Ha! I got it! Bandits! "What about the drunks?" I remember asking almost frighteningly like they are some wild hoard that butchers the streets at night on a quest to destroy any small structure that may be harboring.....books. My fears were soon put to rest, however.

Now Cheviot, our beloved City, has added just a little more character to its streets. Cheviot's newest Little Free Library. The Library itself was donated to the City by

Shellie Jungkunz. "I've been wanting a free little library for years (in our yard). This Christmas my husband gifted this one to me." Shellie Then decided The Free Little Library she longed for would be better served in a higher traveled area, and accessible to the entire City. The Free Little Library itself is located outside the City Hall Municipal Building and is registered at Shellie even gave our first library the TLC it needed with stickers, and a braille sign at the top with the blind man she passes on her morning jogs in mind. Job well done Shellie! I for one can't wait to check out my first book and share a favorite of mine with the rest of the City.
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