The Council Report.

Cheviot City Council met on Tuesday, November 12, at City Hall, for a Special Council Meeting. In attendance were President of Council Mark G. Waters, Councilwoman Kathleen "Kitty" Zech, Councilwoman Amy Luken-Richter, Councilwoman RaeJean Hardig, Councilman James F. Sunderhaus, and Councilman David W. Voss.

Council adopted resolution 19-25 with a 5-0 vote, allowing Safety Service Director, Tom Braun, to advertise and receive bids for a new contract for disposal of solid waste.

Councilwoman Amy Luken-Richter mentioned that she would like to have a discussion with City Council members about offering curbside recycling for residents. "A lot of people I speak to within the city would like to have curbside recycling," said Richter.

President of City Council Mark Waters stated the deadline to renew the city's waste contract would be expiring at the end of the year and that bids for recycling are a separate issue from this resolution in his opinion. "I have no problem with council discussing recycling, curbside or otherwise, and putting that out for bid to get that for the city, but I think it's a separate issue," said Waters.

The Streets, Sidewalks, and Traffic Committee will meet November 19, at 630 pm to discuss sidewalk patios followed by a City Council meeting at 7:30 pm.

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