The Cheviot Revolution

Boston Massachusetts, 1774. Located in Boston’s North End, a local public house converted into a tavern, formally known as the Green Dragon, quickly became a popular venue as a colonist watering hole. Men would patron the Dragon for a pint of ale, and perhaps to speak a bit more freely about their beloved occupying government. The Crown surely expected some distaste about their presence being whispered throughout the ill-mannered colonies. Even loyal dogs have broken free of their chains at times. I suspect the redcoat soldiers allowed such activities to continue if the dogs remembered to remain obedient.

The real sausage, however, was being cooked in the basement of the Dragon. Men by the name of Paul Revere, and Samuel Adams, along with groups of patriots such as the Sons of Liberty, discussed matters far more atrocious. There was only but one punishment suitable for anyone entertaining such ideas. Every man brave enough to drink in the basement of that tavern knew full well their fate if the King’s ears heard their treasonous desires. Yet, these men and many others continued to drink their pints. When they finished, they calmly placed the empty glasses back on top of the table, wiped their mouths with the sleeve of their coat, and one by one exited the basement tavern avoiding any unwanted attention to their presence. The nature of the meeting had been settled, and what came next had never been more clear. The only thing left for them to do now was simple. It was time for a revolution. Today, Americans continue to gather in pubs discussing familiar topics. More often than not folks seem to get a little more patriotic with a few cold pints in their belly’s. Tempers often flare, handshake peace offerings are extended, although, it is quite common to witness glasses jump an inch or two high from the table in the midst of all that Uncle Sam’in.

Ironically enough, conversations that may go beyond the pint, are being discussed in the basement of another 'Public House' converted into a tavern. In fact, it is happening in the City of Cheviot, by a newly formed group of city business owners. No, there are currently no plans to dump large amounts of tea into Muddy Creek. It is also highly doubtful the word "revolution" will be muttered and there certainly isn’t anyone galloping through town on horseback shouting, “The levies are coming! The levies are coming!” The parallels between the colonist of 1774, and the Cheviot business meetings may stop at the pint, but a sense of something positive, and the status quo of old no longer being satisfactory, is being poured into the foundation of this newly founded alliance.

For now, this adolescent alliance keeps circling back to the same unsaid question. What is its purpose?

A simple question maybe, but the answer is a bit more complicated. The Cheviot Westwood Community Association had its golden child in ‘West Fest’ for more than a decade. The Kiwanis Club, until recently, were the sole providers of the Harvest Home Fair. So, where does that leave the Cheviot Business Alliance?

For the time being, the answer to that question remains to be seen. The group doesn’t seem keen on taking on a massive event just yet, nor would it be a surprise if they ever did. This group is filled with both familiar faces who have heard it all before, and a growing amount of new business owners who are chomping at the bit. Many business owners want to see the city government enforce the laws they already have on the books. Such as the ‘Yard Sale Regulations’ that were passed last year. There is also a growing distaste for the lack of penalties of repeat offending business property owners. Both of these are reasonable requests, few would take issue with.

Government is a direct reflection of the people it serves. If you are unhappy with how the governing body is representing you, but allow it to continue unchecked, then the people have the government they deserve. Now, before anyone grabs their torch and pitchfork to congregate outside Mayor Keller’s home, there is another question we can ask of ourselves; It's the other unsaid question few have uttered in town. What am I doing, that represents the community I wish to see?

The City of Cheviot’s best days are just over the horizon. It’s time to put the empty glass back on top of the table and wipe our mouths with the sleeves of our coats. There won’t be any revolution in this city, but there is work to be done, and there is no better time than now.

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