The Cheviot Person of the Year Nominees Are...

Actualizado: 14 de dic de 2019

The following people have been nominated by the Cheviot Gazette for their exceptional service in the City of Cheviot throughout 2019. With so many exceptional people in the Cheviot community, it was no easy task narrowing down our list of candidates deserving of this award. With that being said, we feel that the following nominees went far and beyond the call of public service, and should be recognized for their selfless efforts.

Here are the 2019 nominees, for Cheviot Person of the Year:

1. Peter M. Rebold

2. Krystle Gaiser

3. Danielle Hart

4. Rich Martin

5. Kimberlee Erdman Rohr

A special thanks to all of our nominees from the Cheviot Gazette team. A winner will be announced before the new year. Thank you for all you have done, and continue to do, for our great city.

-Cheviot Gazette

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