The 42nd Annual Delhi Skirt Game

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PC: Delhi Skirt Game

The Delhi Skirt Game

The Delhi Skirt Game is an annual event held in Delhi Township, OH. The event features men of all ages, sizes and backgrounds donning wigs and skirts and participating in a softball game with the proceeds going to those in need in the Delhi Township area.

This Year

The 42nd annual Delhi Skirt Game will be held at 5PM through 11 PM on Friday August 2nd at Delhi Township Park’s Field No. 1. The annual Skirt Game will feature food, drinks, games of chance for all ages and a spectacular firework display after the Skirt Game by Queen City Pyro Production sponsored by Wishbone Tavern & Penn Station - Clifton, followed by a concert by the band Model Behavior.

The Skirt Game itself, which starts at 6PM, will have Amanda Orlando, Jim Day, and Judge Patrick Dinkelacher presiding as Masters of Ceremonies. Among other festivities, there will be a showcase for the color guard of the Delhi Township veterans, a parade featuring the prior recipients of the Skirt Game’s proceeds alongside the Skirt Game’s 4th annual home run derby and a MASCOT race sponsored by Walt Sweeney Ford. Local TV and radio personalities are expected to be in attendance as well.

An Annual Delhi Township Tradition since 1978

The Skirt game’s name is well given as it involves men of all ages and backgrounds donning a skirt and wig to help raise money for the less fortunate in Delhi Township. The event has been an annual tradition since 1978, when in its first iteration, the game was played between the Delhi Athletic Association and the Fire Department, with the participants masquerading as cartoon and fictional characters for the benefit of a boy who was hurt in a bicycle accident. The community wanted to do something to help the family with the expenses due to the accident. Since then, this event raises funds to help those in need in Delhi Township. In 1991, when the Delhi Skirt Game started keeping official records, the committee has contributed over one million dollars to over 200 recipients. Funds have been used for such things as the purchase of several handicap-equipped vans, and payment of thousands of dollars in mortgages and utility bills for those in need in the Delhi community.

Kids Cops ‘n Firefighters

In 2010, the Skirt Game Committee started a program called Kids, Cops ‘n Firefighters, in association with the Delhi Police and Fire Departments. This event is held around Christmas time with volunteers taking local kids shopping for the holidays. While the $173,000 distributed across 1,160 children in the past nine years is administered through the Skirt Game Committee, this event does not use the Skirt Game proceeds. Instead, these funds are collected through private donations and alternate fundraising events.

You don’t want to miss this years Skirt Game. Bring the whole family and cheer loud, stay late, and spend lots of money! It’s for a good cause.

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