TDW Is Brewing Up Something Special This Weekend Only.

The Drama Workshop is thrilled to present its annual showcase of the best of local playwright, "Home Brew Theater".

This is the fourth installment of the annual festival, which runs one weekend only, June 7, 8 at 8 pm and June 9 at 2 pm. The production features ten short plays by ten local playwrights. It’s followed by a “Meet the Artists” reception featuring beer sponsored by West Side Brewing. Audience members are encouraged to meet and toast the authors, directors, and cast members. All performances are at The Glenmore Playhouse, 3716 Glenmore Ave in Cheviot.

Chris Bishop, Trisha Cooper, Trevor Browning and Arny Stoller rehearse The Seminar,

Home Brew Theater was the brainchild of Co-Producer and Artistic Director Clint Bramkamp, who is one of the featured authors this year as well. Home Brew Theater is one of the few opportunities to see short plays produced. Short plays are typically no more than ten minutes and pose unique challenges to the author. “I enjoy the short format; it makes you stick to the essentials,” Clint said. “In 2016, I suggested doing a program of ten-minute plays to The Drama Workshop, and they adopted the idea.” Home Brew has continued to grow over each of the four years. This year there were a record 38 short plays submitted by local Cincinnati playwrights.

Home Brew has added a couple new elements this year. The Drama Workshop received a generous grant for Home Brew Theater from Summer-fair Cincinnati, toward the promotion of the local arts of Cincinnati. This year will also feature awards! A Best on the Page award will be voted on by the play selection team, the directors and The Drama Workshop board. A Best on the Stage award will be voted on by the audience after each performance and awarded at the end of the weekend.

TDW’s production will include plays written by local authors Clint Bramkamp, Chris Charlson, Susan Decatur, Jennifer Davis, Teri Foltz, AK Forbes, Greg Hatfield, Fred Tacon, Eric Thomas, and Robb Willoughby. Ten very different plays from ten authors means there will be something for every taste, including silly comedies (with and without extra-terrestrials!), touching dramas and heartfelt romantic plays.

Author of ‘Denise’s Do-Over’, Susan Decatur said, “I wrote this play to inspire adults to never give up on finding love at any age.”. Author of ‘Brave’, Jennifer Davis added, “Participating in a production like Home Brew as a writer is an exercise in trust and ego-checking. Once the script is in the directors' hands, our jobs are done. I'm excited to see what (director) Richard Zenk and his cast find in 'Brave' that maybe I didn't even realize was there.”

Home Brew Theater has again attracted the best talent in local community theater, including directors Lynne Aronson, Elizabeth Beatty, Greg Hatfield, Julie Jordan, Ray Lebowski, Patricia Mullens, and Richard Zenk. Director of ‘The Ten Minute Play’ and ‘The Seminar’, Julie Jordan said, “What first drew me to the ten-minute plays was the chance for local playwrights’ work to be showcased. The whole concept lends itself to community and local flavor.” Director of ‘Indian Sign’ and ‘Denise’s Do-Over’, Lynne Aronson added, “Working with two different shows and casts stretched my directing muscles a bunch.”

This year Home Brew The production team is rounded out by pillars of the Cincinnati theater community: Jason Cox, Alexa Justice, Dennis Murphy, Eric Thomas, Elaine Volker, and Narissa Williams.

A large and talented cast was selected to present the local authors’ works, including Heather Abbot, Peggy Allen, Jamie Ball, Aaron Bates, Chris Bishop, Betsy Brossart, Trevor Browning, Trisha Cooper, Ally Donohue, Amy Eyers, Cathy Judge, Ben Lacy, Rusty Lacy, Darren Lee, Fred Murrell, Megan Schultheis, and Arny Stoller. Actor and NKU student Trevor Browning said, “I am so excited and honored to perform in my first production with The Drama Workshop. It’s been an incredible experience to meet so many kind-hearted, passionate people.”

Tickets to ‘Home Brew Theater’ are $12 each. Show dates and times are June 7th and 8th at 8pm, and June 9th at 2pm. Shows frequently sell out, and reservations are strongly recommended. Tickets can be ordered through The Drama Workshop’s ticket line at 513.598.8303, or ordered online via the TDW website at

**Press release from The Drama Workshop on "Home Brew"** Author Unknown.

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