Spring has Sprung 

Spring has sprung and summer is on the way, an editorial piece by (Tonya Baker-Berger )

Each time I drive through Cheviot it takes me back to a more simple time in our lives . Growing up on Harding as a child I had lots of friends and our parents were all friends. The spring is when we all would be out riding our bikes or roller skating setting up picnic lunches on the back porches of each families home. There was about 10 homes that you could go to.

Your parents had no worry of where their children were at, one mom would start the phone chain to let the mom's know where their child was.

When the spring baseball games were being played at the field house we all gathered together and cut through a yard and we were at the park. We would go sit in the green bleachers watch the game. Us girls usually never really knew what a fly ball was till it was headed towards them. We all were friends; we walked to different stores, like Joe's gas station which is now Westside tire or Kriemer's grocery store. They had a cool conveyer belt and we took our empty glass pop bottles to turn in to get penny candy which was a lot of yummy candy.

We walked to Tummy Treats ice cream shop after school or on the weekends. Our feet were always on the go. Now when you look outside you don't see a lot of that; you see the memories of the good ole days. Now that Spring has sprung it's time to put the feet on the ground and meet neighbors and go to Cone Zone or Cheviot park and library. Time to smell the flowers?

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