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School's out

Actualizado: 7 de jun de 2019

Now that school is officially out for the summer, now what? With so much free time and too many electronics, kids spend their summer days a lot differently than a lot of us did growing up. Sure, there are pool days, riding bikes, sleep overs, and whatever else kids do these days. But as we all know, kids can get bored quickly.

So why not enroll them at a Summer Camp at the newly renovated Madcap Education Center? They offer a wide range of topics that include musical theater, puppetry, dance classes, and visual arts. Just by browsing their website, http://www.cincinnatilandmarkproductions.com/mec/News2.aspx, I have found many fun camps that are being offered this summer. Your kid can even learn the Ukulele! How cool is that?! I wonder if they would allow a 33-year-old in the class..hmmm.

This summer, challenge your kids to step away from the electronics and enroll them in Summer Camp. Not only will they make new friends, but it may just spark an interest in them you never knew they had. So tell us what summer activities does your family like to do together?

To learn more about the Madcap Education Center and their summer camps, check out their website http://www.cincinnatilandmarkproductions.com/mec/News2.aspx

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