Ready. Set. Shop.

I can not be the only person that gets frustrated when prematurely awakened by auxiliary noises. Whether it is your neighbor doing early yard work, the trucks driving in and out of Pioneer Vending, or the birds that start singing at 5:30 a.m., like clockwork. There is only one time it is acceptable, and that is when it is the growl of a utility vehicle going back and forth on my street. What is it doing? Ferrying people that need a ride from the side streets to a parking lot. Why? Well, if you have never witnessed the change that happens to the parking lot outside of Westside Venue on Harrison, it is like that of a princess. Changing from day parking into a little village of pop-up tents and carnival style smells, it is the beginning of The WestSide Market.

Personally speaking, there is nothing I love more than a good buy. Usually you would find me scouring the back streets of sleepy neighborhoods in hopes of finding an amazing string of deals in one cul-de-sac, however, as a recent transplant to Cheviot, I will never resort back to garage sale scavenging.

As a person who attended each market last year I can tell you that you will find an eclectic mix of small businesses. You will arrive to shop but leave learning so much more about the people behind the products. From the vendor with the amazing muffins that is looking to fund her new store front to the wonderful artists who also foster children. My personal favorites are The Oakley Soap Co., Gardenhouse Pottery, and the WestSide Brewing pop up. (I mean who doesn't want to drink and shop, right?)

Spearheaded by Cory and Krystle Gaiser, of the Gaiser Bee Co., The WestSide Market made its debut in the Spring of 2018. It is evident that a tremendous amount of time has gone into planning, organizing, and executing every piece involved with putting on a successful day. It seems to be the event that most Westsiders, but more specifically, the residents of Cheviot, can come together in support of. Like little Easter eggs, the billboards began to pop up a few weeks ago letting you know to be ready for the first Saturday of every month for the next five months.

So, as I am getting my Pot Head coffee cup (can be purchased from Fathom House Art ) and buckets of sunscreen ready to be put to use for that first market day, May 4th, I hope to be able to witness more growth in the community and find new reasons to love Cheviot.

It is also a bonus that the first fifty people get a goody bag with an array of items and coupons from participants in the market so get there early! Hopefully we get to see you at one of the WestSide Markets this season.

This year the WestSide Market will be held:

  • May 4th

  • June 1st

  • July 6th

  • Aug 3rd

  • Sept 7th

See you there!!

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