Orr's Saloon tells Cheviot Police: GET OUT!

In 1903, a popular establishment in Cheviot, Ohio owned by Charles Orr was Orr's Saloon. The saloon was located on the corner of Glenmore and Harrison Ave, where Wendy's is located today.

One particular evening, the recently elected Police Marshal Klussman, noticed Orr's Saloon was still open past 12 0'clock. This caught the Marshall's attention because the Cheviot ordinance at the time required saloons to be closed by midnight. Klussman entered Orr's Saloon and ordered Orr to close for the night. Charles Orr had other plans however and threw the Marshall out of the saloon onto the street.

*Bonus Fact* "In 1901, the police department consisted of a single Marshal. Later, a night Marshal was added and when automobiles became numerous, a speed officer was added. When Cheviot became a city in 1932, the Police Department consisted of a Chief and three patrolmen." -Source "We Love Cheviot"

After Klussman was thrown out of the saloon a Cincinnati Police Officer named McKay who lived nearby saw Klussman and agreed to help the Marshall arrest Orr. Both of the officers then entered the establishment together.

Upon entering the saloon, a scuffled ensued between Orr, his bartender, and the arresting officers. It became clear immediately that Charles Orr and his bartender prevailed that evening with their tussle with police. After giving the officers a beating they didn't just take the officer's guns but also confiscated their hats and clubs as well. By the end of it, Klussman was thrown out one door and McKay out another.

The matter was brought before The Honorable Fred Edward Wesselman Mayor of the City of Cheviot, the following day.

*EXTRA BONUS FACT* "With the coming of prohibition Orr's Saloon became the new home of the Western Hills Press. The Press operated in the building for many years until they built a new office and print shop on the location of the first schoolhouse on Davis Avenue." -"We Love Cheviot" written by Rich Martin, Robert Klein, and Roberta Baechle Michel. Copies of the book are available at the Cheviot Firehouse for $10. You can also contact cheviothistory@gmail.com

If anyone has any old Cheviot photos or memorabilia they can scan and send to the Cheviot Historical Society they would greatly appreciate it. Anything Cheviot they are interested in. This will help continue to build their archives and preserve the history of Cheviot. Contact President Rich Martin at cheviothistory@gmail.com

Thank you.

"Building Cheviot's past for the future "

-Cheviot Historical Society

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