Only San Francisco & Pittsburgh have more public steps than Cincinnati

Actualizado: 4 de mar de 2020

Written by Lou Williams

It may or may not be commonly know that Cincinnati has approximately 400 sets of city-maintained steps. Only San Francisco and Pittsburgh have more public steps than Cincinnati. During the height of the steps used in the 19th century, there were over 30 miles of steps connecting neighborhoods and streets providing a pedestrian-friendly connection to some areas of the city which are quite remote.

Over the course of many years, many sets of steps fell into disrepair and neglect. The City of Cincinnati has developed the City Hillside Step Information System to inventory and tracking maintenance needs for the steps. On the western side of the city are numerous sets of steps leading from street to street, neighborhood to neighborhood Additional information can be found on these

websites:…/dote-programs/hillside-steps/ Also, A great book entitled “Walking the Steps of Cincinnati” by Mary Anna DuSablon

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