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Now is the Time to End Governor DeWine's Abuse

Letter to the Editor

written by: Kerry Smyth

“We don’t have to wait until DeWine is up for re-election to end his abuse. It is clear now that his authority has become destructive to the purpose mankind has come out of the wilderness to join with each other to form a civilized government - to secure life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Clearly, Mike DeWine has attempted to sacrifice our liberty and our right to pursue happiness in a failed attempt to save lives. It has been a failure. He doesn’t seem to get it and he doesn’t seem to care.

As a peaceful solution to our governor’s incompetence and abuse, I say we dissolve the political bands that connect Mike DeWine’s governance to We The People of the State of Ohio and instead assume among the powers of earth the separate and equal stations that the laws of nature and of God entitle us. In other words, just completely ignore him and act like he doesn’t exist.

This has to start at the very top. The Ohio AG? Nope. Ohio’s local police officers? Nope. What I have learned about the Coronavirus Response Tyranny is that it all starts with employers. Business owners are at the top of the pyramid in COVID response enforcement. Think about it. Police aren’t really enforcing social distancing and mask-wearing. Sure you get a few isolated incidents involving a cop and a mask resistor, but those are one-offs. Even employees who are on the clock and feel compelled to enforce COVID guidelines only do it because they are afraid if they don’t they’ll get in trouble with their boss.

There is only one group of people responsible for all of this besides Mike DeWine - business owners who are afraid of what DeWine’s bureaucrats will do to them. It has to be stopped by the business owners. They need to tell all of their employees VERY QUIETLY that they are no longer permitted to enforce any of DeWine’s rules. They need to tell all of their employees VERY QUIETLY that while they can wear a mask if they want to, and they can practice social distancing if they want to, they will NOT be required to.

If DeWine gets wind of this, then we need to work our way down the pyramid of power. The next level down is police officers. Police officers need to be convinced to ignore DeWine’s ridiculous orders. Other bureaucrats need to be convinced too because business owners will still be concerned that they will be made to shut down.

That brings us to the next level down of power: The courts. We need to fight these shutdowns and fines in courts and convince the judges that this is either over or at worst, unsustainable in the long term.

Everyone has their breaking point and we need to avoid civil unrest by exercising the most peaceful way to protest Governor DeWine - just simply act like he doesn’t exist and then convince others to do the same. Challenge business owners, police, regulators, and judges to end it by ignoring it. It’s the only way as long as DeWine thinks he has power.

This is my proposal for a Declaration of Independence from Mike DeWine. Ohioans should be free and independent people absolved from all allegiance to Governor DeWine, and that all political connection between us and him should be dissolved. Ohio business owners, employers, law enforcement officers, justices, and regular citizens should mutually pledge their support for this declaration, as it may be the only way to get Ohioans back to living life, enjoying liberty, and pursuing happiness.

Would you sign your name to this if it were an official document?

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