November Artist Spotlight !!!: Makeup Artist, and Younique Presenter Melissa Schwab

This month I was happy to converse with Makeup artist and Younique presenter, Melissa Schwab.

Melissa has been presenting makeup products through the Younique brand for 5 months now, as well as work as an Executive Team Leader as Target in Western Hills. She is dedicated to the empowerment of women and the artistry of Makeup, as well as a native to the west side.

Let’s see what Melissa has to say,

Dominic (Gazette):

What brought you to being interested in makeup, the use of it and artistry of it?


I have loved makeup as far back as I can remember. It's a passion that has always been there for me and has grown the older I became.

I was always very artistic. Every art class, advanced art class, I could take in school I did. I even was in graphic design courses in high school. I Never went farther than that though and always kinda regretted not going to college for it, but also knew it was a hobby I was passionate about. I was afraid if I went to college for it it would feel more like I had to do it verses something that brought joy and a mental escape for me.

One of my favorite high school memories was an art teacher of mine would pay me to help with art that she would complete and auction off. It was amazing to feel what I did was significant or respected enough that she would ask for my help. Hopefully I don't get in trouble for telling that story!

The older I became that passion for drawing or painting turned into makeup. It was slowly becoming such a hot trend so it was grabbing my interest more and more. I would see looks others created and just by looking at it would try to duplicate it.

Dominic (Gazette):

Do you find that the kind of makeup someone uses, varies or is consistent?


I truly believe that those passionate about makeup do find a brand or two they love and become loyal to that brand.

Those that wear it just to wear it maybe bounce around to brands.

I know for me when I find a brand I love and works well for me I'm totally loyal to it.

You find quality in something and stick with it, just like Starbucks lovers being loyal to Starbucks or Dunkin lovers top Dunkin etc.

I believe makeup lovers find a great mascara or foundation (makeup must-haves) and then fall in love with that brand.

Dominic (Gazette):

Do you see a connection between applying makeup and other forms of art such as painting or drawing?


I absolutely see a connection between applying makeup and drawing or painting.

The only difference is the canvas and tools of choice.

You're shading and blending makeup as you would a pencil or paint.

In both aspects you're amazed at seeing what creations you can make.

Dominic (Gazette):

Do you have a formal education in cosmetology, or related program or have plans to?


I do not have a formal training or schooling in cosmetology but it's been something I've considered for a very long time and wish I could do.

I will say, I don't think it's always necessary to have this background.

There are places that offer makeup classes or certifications as well if you're wanting something a little more flexible. Youtube is also a huge platform for makeup artists and people wanting to learn.

For me it's always been a passion and hobby that I've just ran with. A lot of practice and trial and error.

Dominic (Gazette):

Tell us about your involvement with Younique.

Younique... This company is beyond amazing. The founders a brother-and-sister team, with a mission to uplift, empower, and validate women across the globe. This company is truly something amazing and continues to develop and grow. That's how you know they will be around for quite some time.

Most people will probably think I joined because it's amazing makeup (because it really is amazing) but what I really joined for was the community of amazing woman that I never knew I needed.

I'm a single mom of 2 that was looking for her own "thing" her own place in life or something that gave me purpose within myself, something I could do for me.

I have made so many great friends that I love and adore all over the country and we all have that same mission for ourselves personally, this company gave us that platform.

With the obvious added bonus of makeup and extra income that can be life changing. So once I stumbled across this opportunity it was a no brainer that it was meant for me to find.

As far as what I do with this company, it's all very outside of my element. I have a history of abuse which caused me to kind of become a hermit, and introverted. I was shy and anxious all the time, worrying about being judged constantly. So Everyone who knows me and is witnessing what I'm doing is amazed by it because it was so out of character for me. That's why I love it so much. It's given me so much of myself back.

Dominic (Gazette):

Did you enjoy things like this as a young person, child or teen?


I was always into fashion, hair and makeup and playing dress up etc.

It's been an outlet for me. Allowing me to be mentally sucked into something that makes you forget about everything going on in life and just concentrate on something you get so much joy out of. It's something that has always allowed me to just shut my mind off and just be.

Dominic (Gazette):

Well, The Cheviot Gazette is happy to shine the Artist Spotlight on you for November 2019. Now where can the people find you, learn from you, and benefit from what you are doing?


Social media handles:

  1. FB: Melissa Schwab(Beauty by Melissa)

  2. IG: Beautybymelissa725

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