November 19, 2019, Gregory Kissel Day

The Honorable Mayor of the City of Cheviot, and Bicentennial Co-Chairs Debbie Laumann, and Kathy Goedl presented Gregory Kissel with an award commemorating his hard work and dedication in preparing the application to the Ohio Historian Connection. The application was for an Ohio Historian Marker for Harvest Home Park during the 2018, City of Cheviot Bicentennial year celebration. Mayor Keller proclaimed that November 19, 2019, be a date set aside to honor Gregory Kissel, a true friend of the community.

On June 5, 2019, during the Family Day Picnic, the Ohio Historian Marker was dedicated by the Honorable Mayor of Cheviot, Samuel D. Keller, and Lawson Wulsin, a descendant of Enoch Carson.

Cheviot, Samuel D. Keller, and Lawson Wulsin

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