No space for a Garden? Westwood Community Garden can help!

Written by: Chris Berger, Cheviot Gazette

Now that Spring is here, do you long to get your fingers into the dirt and plant and

maintain a garden? Do you wish you could grow your own vegetables, flowers

or herbs, but don’t have access to a plot to make that happen? The Cheviot Gazette has found a solution to your problems!

Just a few of the 60 raised bed plots available at the Community Garden.

The Cheviot Gazette was recently introduced to the Volunteer Staff of the Westwood Community Garden, and what an amazing group of people. They are committed to sharing their knowledge of gardening and help everyone to be able to experience the joy of growing organic food and beautiful flowers.

The Gardens are located at 2163 Harrison Avenue, at the corner of Talbott Avenue and

there are 60 plots available to rent each growing season. The minimal cost is $25. per season, with a limit of two beds. Included in that cost is a 4’x 8’ plot, a variety of seeds, the use of tools, fertilizer, and water is supplied. The participants are expected to follow the rules of the garden and contribute only 12 hours of volunteer time (in addition to working your own plot) each growing season to help maintain the community garden.

The site of the Community Garden was a problem property for a long time. In 2005, the City of Cincinnati ordered the demolition of the building on that site. It was taken down in 2007. Just three years later, the Westwood Civic Association entered into a Land Use Agreement with the City of Cincinnati. With additional resources from the Kiwanis Club, Civic Garden Center and the support of a Safe and Clean grant from Keep Cincinnati Beautiful the Westwood Community Garden was born.

Volunteers (some with heavy equipment) and many that used their own strength, cleared the area and prepared it for the raised beds. A grant allowed a perimeter fence to be erected and gardens were planted in 2011.

In 2012, the fence was finished, a retaining wall was built and a foundation for a tool shed was poured. The tool shed was started in 2013 and after receiving generous donations it was finished in 2014. Arbors and gates were added as entryways to the garden.

In 2019, with the dream of a young man, Payton Lynch, and 2 years of hard work of many volunteers, a beautiful gazebo was built as part of his Eagle Scout Project and placed in the center of the gardens.

Some volunteers and members of Boy Scout Troop 107 who helped build this beautiful and functional gazebo.

The gardens participants are a diverse group, but they all have a common goal. That goal is to help each other and realize the satisfaction of growing nutritious food for their family.

Many friends have been made in the garden sharing, relaxing, learning, and just having fun. Please join them!

For more information, please visit the Westwood Community Garden Facebook Page, or their website here. You may also contact the Civic Garden Center of Greater Cincinnati at 513-221-8733

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