Voting Local=Voting in Dog Years

In this great country of ours once you reach the legal age of eighteen it is officially time to grow up. In my personal experience I can recall the phrase "Son, we love you, but now it's time to get out" being uttered. Growing up is not without it's perks, however. You survived puberty and as your reward you have inherited the right to vote. On your way towards adulthood you most likely (if you were paying attention) learned about how government works, the sacrifices others made for the rights we enjoy today, and maybe even a few things that you didn't want to believe. That is all about to change now, however. You are young, incorruptible, and ready to not only voice your opinion, but finally make it count in the voting booth. Change is coming to America and here you come!

The morning of your first election you woke up early, smiling, anxious as you waited in line at your voting precinct, ah yes, revolution was in the air. The precinct official finds your name, checks you in, and hands you your own personal Declaration of Independence. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, today you are walking ten feet tall. Today is the day you are more than just a number. Today you're feeling like a true patriot.

Anticipating the results later that day you can't understand why your parents aren't more excited? This is it, this is the big one! The TV, the radio, all the billboards they all said it was the most important election of our lifetime and you're part of it. Your parents must just be out of touch, right? They didn't see what you saw, what you helped build, you built a movement and it's moment of triumph awaited.

Election results finally start to pour in.... The newscaster comes on the TV with the current vote counts. "We are now ready to project the winner in Alabama for ______" You notice on the television screen only 1% of the total votes for that State have been counted. You ask yourself "Well how can this be? There is still 99% to go!" State by State they are rattled off the same way and in the wee hours of the night a new President Elect of The United States of America is announced.

So what happened? Well, more than likely the movement forgot to do its job. The movement, didn't move.

Before you feel totally disenfranchised there is a way for your voice to be heard after-all. No, it's not in some far away land where the wine flows like water and it's always a nice 75 degrees with an ocean breeze kissing your face. It's here, right in good ole Cheviot, Ohio.

In the local world your vote more than counts, it can literally be the one deciding vote that brings a candidate glory or defeat. In local elections, it's like voting in dog years.

Let's take a moment and look at a couple previous elections from 2017.

108 vote swing in favor of Kimberlee Rohr

16 vote swing in favor of David W. Voss

These are just two of the close elections that took place in 2017. The Griffin Vs Voss race only being decided by sixteen votes! Every single vote counts come Election Day and it counts in a big way. Not registered to vote yet? Register here.

The election Tuesday, November 5th, will have some familiar faces and some new ones. Kerry Smyth (REP) is one of those fresh faces along with first time City Council hopeful J. Danielle Petermann (I). Kerry and Danielle have both agreed to interviews with the Cheviot Gazette so you'll get a chance to hear their plan for Cheviot in their own words very soon. (Look for them in the upcoming October and November papers as well as on our website leading up to Election Day.)

This very well could be how your ballot will look come November. Kimberlee Erdman Rohr (D) will try and hold her position as law director against a familiar opponent Deborah M. Slaughter (R). This race, a repeat of the 2017 race was only decided by 108 votes. It is also important to note that this year's elections are City wide elections, unlike years past where voters voted by "wards". (Cheviot has four wards ranging from 1-4) Only three, of the above five candidates running for Cheviot City Council will survive this November's Tribal Council.(Election Day) As for the others, the tribe has spoken, you may now put out your torch.

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