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Know Your Officials: Kimberlee Erdman Rohr, Cheviot's Law Director

By: Chris Berger

When Kimberlee Erdman Rohr moved to Cheviot with her family in 2015, she never expected to be involved in politics, and definitely not a public servant for the City. However, City Auditor Theresa Klein and Mayor Sam Keller, suggested she run for Law Director when the position became vacant in 2017. She thought it would be a good way to give back to her City while putting her law degree to good use. Rohr won the election with just over 100 votes deciding the contest between her opponent Deborah Slaughter, and herself. She finished out the term of the previous law director and ran for reelection in 2019 against Slaughter winning soundly.

Although Kim moved to Cheviot in 2015 with her husband and children, Cheviot was not an unfamiliar place to her. While Kim attended college and Law School she had deep ties to the City. Her grandparents, John and Carolyn Erdman raised their seven children (Kim’s dad, Joe was one of those seven) in Cheviot. In fact, the home the Erdman family lived in on Davis Avenue was built by her great-grandfather in the

1920s. Kim has wonderful memories of this area, as many of her aunts and uncles lived here as well so she spent a lot of time in our City and loved playing ball and having fun at Harvest Home Park. She even loved being within walking distance to all the “watering holes” during her college/law school years!

In Kim’s position as Law Director, she handles anything for the City of Cheviot that needs an attorney involved and legal representation. She works for and represents the City of Cheviot. In this position, Kim is the prosecutor for the Mayor’s Court and works with the magistrate who hears misdemeanor cases where the city is involved. Looking over any contracts that Cheviot might enter into is another part of her job. Kim has enjoyed meeting so many people and working with council and other officials in the city and helping them with any legal issues or laws that may need to be written for the city.

Kim has been married to Brenden Rohr for 11 years, he is an industrial technician for air compressors. They have three beautiful children, Becca, who is almost 9 years old, Cammie, who is 7 years old, and their son Drew, who is 5 years old.

Kimberlee is very involved in her children’s lives and devotes her free time as a Girl Scout leader for her daughters. She and Brenden recently bought a camper and she and her family love to spend time camping in the great outdoors.

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