Judge Dismisses Parler's Lawsuit Against Amazon

A District Judge ruled in favor of Amazon on Thursday nearly dismissing all three counts in Parler's lawsuit citing a "lack of evidence."

Parler sought a Temporary Restraining Order to prevent Amazon from shutting down its account. The lawsuit also alleged Amazon breached its contract with Parler by not providing a 30-day notice before suspending its account as well as violating antitrust laws in participation with Twitter, which also uses Amazon's servers.

In our quest to deliver unfiltered editorialized news, we have laid out the arguments made by Parler, Amazon's response to Parler, and Judge Barbara J. Rothstein, U.S. District Court Judge for the Western District of Washington at Seattle ruling. The court documents below filed respectfully by Plaintiff (Parler) and Defendant (Amazon)

will provide you, the reader, both sides arguments in the case so you may draw your own conclusions.

Parler's Arguments

Amazon's Response

*These are some of the examples of violations on Parler's platform Amazon included in their response. *


There will be a continued lawsuit in this case. This story will be updated as more information becomes available.

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