J. Danielle Petermann: The unknown Independent running for Cheviot City Council

J. Danielle Petermann is an import to Ohio. She was born and raised in the South by her single mother from southern Michigan. She went to college at Transylvania University in Lexington, Kentucky and graduated with a Bachelor's in Sociology in 1995. After graduation, she moved to Oklahoma, after that, New Jersey with her husband, Hugo, who at the time was Active Duty Air Force. Hugo is also Mrs. Petermann's campaign treasurer. In New Jersey, the couple had their first and only child, Silas, who is now 19 and a Physics major at the University of Cincinnati. Petermann also works for the Department of Chemistry as a Financial Administrator for the University.

"I have been passionate about politics and public service for quite some time now," said Petermann. While living in Lexington, Kentucky Petermann was Vice President of her neighborhood association. During her tenure, she also hosted two Mayoral Debates for the city.

"I like to go to movies, play with my dogs, cook for friends, and travel. My husband and I have fun going out on the weekends and getting to know our community better. We have much more time to do so now that our son is in college and working toward leaving the nest." 

Petermann and her husband both grew up as the children of military members and civilian employees of the military. "We were never able to form the kind of life-long roots that so many of the wonderful residents of Cheviot enjoy. However, when our son was graduating from High School, and we were buying a home with the rest of our lives in mind, we simply fell in love with Cheviot. The people are kind and concerned with one another's' well-being. There is an atmosphere to Cheviot that makes it a great place to live, no matter the stage of life that you are in and I feel blessed to have found a place in such a wonderful community," said Petermann.

Gazette: Why did you decide to run for Cheviot City Council?

Petermann: "I have always tried to stay involved in my local political scene no matter where I've lived. I think it is important to be an active participant in your community; making it better for all of its residents. I started attending local political club meetings as soon as we moved to the area, and through those meetings, I was able to meet many of those currently serving our great city. They recognized my enthusiasm and encouraged me to get involved. After discussing with my husband and son, I decided that now was the time to increase my involvement and really work for the people of Cheviot, who I have grown to love." 

Gazette: Do you think running as an independent will increase or decrease your chances of being electedDid this play a part in your decision not to align yourself with a political party?

Petermann: "Running as an Independent candidate can be helpful in a local campaign. To a certain extent, I think it can make people listen more to your ideas and your message rather than making a decision based on a letter behind your name. That said, I am, as a candidate, endorsed by the Hamilton County Democratic Party."  

Gazette: Why should people vote for you?

Petermann: "I love a place with history and tradition; I also think that it can be revitalizing to introduce new ideas into any group or organization. I want Cheviot to be a leader in transitioning to the future while holding on to its history. I believe it is important to look for new ideas and new ways to revitalize Main Street corridors with businesses that have staying power in the current age of internet commerce. I believe in People before Party. I believe in governmental transparency. And I believe that, at the end of the day, we all have more in common than we have differences that separate us from one another."

Gazette: What is the biggest problem facing Cheviot right now?

Petermann: "I think that one of the biggest challenges facing Cheviot right now is the loss of main street business. Businesses shuttering not only affects the look and feel of our main streets for the citizens but lessens the tax revenue available to the city to take care of its residents and make Cheviot better."

Election Day is Tuesday, November 5.

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