"It started with love"

"The thought I could have died doing something I hated.” - Shakil Hendricks.

From foundry worker, now proud owner of Hieroglyphic Games who used to count the minutes until quitting time, now can't wait to get to his dream job. “It was a place where management treated you like a number." Said Shakil Hendricks speaking of his old employment.

One day at work while operating a machine which suddenly over pressurized causing an explosion to hurl Hendricks across the foundry floor in the blink of an eye. Most of what was recalled was from Hendrick's co-workers as the explosion immediately induced a concussion. Hendricks recalls no memory of the incident and relies on his co-workers, much like he did that day, for the accounts of what took place. He by all means should not be alive today. He tried to get up and go down the back stairs discombobulated, in shock, and engulfed in fire from molten garments of the explosion. The sight was horrific, but somehow Hendrick's was able to walk away that day with only minor burns. “From then on, I knew I wanted to do only things I love for a living, gaming and art.”

Something to know about smelting metal.

** Iron, out of the ground, melts at around 1510 degrees C (2750°F). Steel often melts at around 1370 degrees C (2500°F) **

*Smelting is the process by which a metal is obtained at temperatures beyond the melting point from its ore. *

It is when someone finally takes a chance at their dream, doing something they really love, that's what makes Hieroglyphic Games so special. His dream to create a place where gaming, and art, can meet finally got the explosion it needed.

Shakil Hendrick's never set foot in that foundry again after that day.

Saturday 10AM–12AM Sunday 10AM–6PM Monday 4:30–10PM Tuesday 4:30–10PM Wednesday 4:30–10PM Thursday 4:30–10PM Friday 4:30–10PM

Super Smash Bro Ultimate

At Hieroglyphic Games, the goal is to create a completely customized experience. They strive to offer customized accessories, controllers for video gamer's, customized boards, or miniatures, and cards for table top game players. They host daily TCG,(Trading card game) and video game tournaments like Magic the Gathering, or Super Smash Bro Ultimate.

Hendricks likes to refer to his two year old daughter as the real boss of the operation. In the upcoming months, Hiero will be hosting Virtual Reality Arcade in June. Also offered in June is Painting, pottery, and Jewelry making classes. In July they are offering a FREE youth chess program. There truly is something for everyone here.

Virtual reality arcade

Hieroglyphic Games has partnered up with Improv Cincinnati to host Improv workshops at Hieroglyphic Games. Hendrick's the owner, said he wanted to create a place to be very community orientated, as well as something for everyone in the family to do. A place where gaming and art meet, hence the name Hieroglyphic Games, like the ancient Egyptians hieroglyphs writings. “I want to use art to create memories” Hendricks said.

**Get a voucher for a free Improv intro workshop here**

Hendricks also wanted to give a very special shout out from him, and his customers, to N.Y.P.D. Pizza. “There are literally players that come here for their pizza and have dubbed them the best pizza in town. They have shown me, and my players, so much love!” When community comes together to help each other like this, we are on the right path for a safe, and fun community to be apart of.

Thank you Hieroglyphic Games.

-This Tuesday night, April 16th, Hieroglyphic games is hosting a Magic The Gathering pauper tournament. Door's open at 4:30 pm.

**Go to our events section here and register for the event. If ten people register, and present their tickets at the door, The Cheviot Gazette will buy pizza (N.Y.P.D. of course) for the event.**

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