It's Time To Walk The Walk

Actualizado: 16 de may de 2020

You may have seen Ray Kroner's small business video circulating the internet. Kroner is the proud owner of Kroner's Dry Cleaners which has served the Greater Cincinnati Area since 1939. In the video Kroner's message is clear: "It's time to support local and small businesses, it's time to walk the walk." So why not take that walk today?

Since 9:00 PM on March 15, all the places where everybody knows your name have been empty. Two months later, to the day, their proud owners will be happier than ever to see you visiting their establishments once again. Here is a map to guide you through your travels today.

The Rundown

Fogarty's Irish Pub

Game Time Sports Bar & Grill

Keller's Cheviot Cafe Legends Bar & Venue

Dean's Hops and Vines

Stop in and pay your favorite therapist a visit today. Drop your pictures in the comments and we will upload them to the website! Have fun!

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