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One of the most frequent questions we got at this past WestSide Market Day was where can I get a copy of the Cheviot Gazette next month? Answer, Salon Di & The Cheviot Branch of the public library. Copies at these locations will be FREE. However, making a newspaper is not free. We put out the free copies because as a company we want to offer a free copy to the public. I wish they could all be free but, sadly they can’t. (My father is sitting somewhere with a very satisfied look on his face right now.) If you like what we’re offering consider subscribing. This in-turn allows the Cheviot Gazette, the free copies, and all the awesome to exist.

Above is a rendition of the back-baseball field at the Cheviot Field House. You may have seen we posted two sketches on our Facebook page and asked which one people liked better. I didn’t tally up the votes, but I did listen. I’m working on finalizing the other version now. What other newspaper does that?! So, what am I really getting at here? Well, we want some feedback so we can continue to produce a newspaper that our readers want to read. I got a great suggestion the other day about listing the date rages below the horoscopes so people can check their friends or families after they read their own. They know their friend’s birthday, but they don’t know their sign so now they have to pull out their phone and google what birthday is such and such sign. We don’t want that. Put your phone away. We are adding the birthday date rages below from here on out. Below is a short list of things we have offered in the paper. Feel free to add your own idea’s and if you particularly like a certain section we offer now and you don’t want to see it go away please tell us. We are here to listen!

-Crossword- Get rid of it? Nobody is submitting answers. Keep it but change it up? Don’t make it so WestSide? More general answers?

-Business Highlight- Keep or Kill?

-Citizen Report (Did you enjoy the citizen report? Keep it?

-City Council-should we continue to summarize council meetings?

-Comics (Please say you like them)

- Add a Health section?

-Do you like the postcards? Are they needed?

-Trivia? Add a Cheviot/Westwood trivia question? Giveaway for winner?

-Do you enjoy having a calendar in the paper?

-Horoscopes? Should we continue doing the horoscopes?

Feel free to add something in the comments if you have any ideas at all. No idea is a bad idea. Well, no, they’re a ton of bad idea’s so keep those to yourself. Only post your good idea’s in the comment section please.

Thank you,

Cheviot Gazette.

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