Harvest Home Fair Canceled

"We can't take the risk of bearing the cost of setting up when we may have to cancel because the virus is raging," said Fair Chair, Peter Rebold.

pc: Cheviot Historical Society

Rebold motioned to cancel the 2020 Harvest Home Fair yesterday for public health reasons. The fair's board members carried the motioned following with an announcement this morning that there would indeed be no fair this year.

pc: CHS: 1988 Harvest Home Parade.

The fair's decision in the wake of what seemed to be positive news about restarting the economy from Federal and State governments could be a glimpse into the looming cautious effects taken in a post-COVID-19 world, where the unknown rules the day.

One hundred thousand dollars is the current overhead costs to put on the fair. If that money were spent, there is no reassurance the fair could recoup those funds if a second wave of the coronavirus spiked.

The fair stated that planning will continue and the focus will be making the 2021 Harvest Home Fair better than ever.

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Unofficial HHF poster.

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