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Halloween in Cheviot

Fall has finally arrived in Cheviot, Ohio. The temperatures have cooled, and the leaves have (somewhat) started to change color. There is something nostalgic about autumn that people gravitate too. From haunted houses, pumpkin patches, scary movies, football, and everything in between, there is something for everyone. Fall also means Halloween.

Halloween is a favorite among the 1 to 99-year-old demographic(okay, I made that statistic up). What's not to love? The copious amount of free candy, you get to dress up as your favorite character, free candy, trick-or-treating with friends, decorating your house, and carving pumpkins. Oh, and did I mention free candy? The scariest decorated houses were always the most fun to trick-or-treat.

The original plan for this article was to showcase fall in Cheviot by taking pictures of houses with decorations. Then I thought that some people might not be too keen on the idea of me taking pictures of their homes. So! Cheviot and all of the Westside, show the Cheviot Gazette your fall/Halloween decorations. Do you have the best or scariest decorations on your street? Show 'em off. Have your kids, pets, neighbors, or even you pose in front of your decorated house. Post them in the comments, and we'll share our favorites throughout the rest of the month.

Photo by Abby Erwin

Happy Fall in Cheviot!

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