Free Obituary Listings for Cheviot City Residents

Actualizado: 14 de dic de 2019

We recently inquired with another local newspaper about submitting an obituary. We submitted a moderate word count of sixty words, and asked for a photo to be included. The price this local newspaper quoted us almost made us hit the floor. The total after tax and fees came to a shocking $382.82.

We understand this local newspaper has a business to run. With that being said, we don't think that keeping their newspaper alive by listing loved ones' passings is the most respectable way to go about it.

Lucky for us, we have our own newspaper. That is why we have decided to not only add an obituary section to our paper, we're also offering this service to city residents at no charge.

**The Cheviot Gazette is now offering free obituary listings for both our online and printed newspapers. This will include a color photo and a word count of 600 words or less. Nonresidents will also have access to the free online obituary service, but we can not currently offer this service for free in our printed paper.**

For obituary inquiries please contact

Thank you,

William I. Monnier

Cheviot Gazette


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