First Hand Accounts of Coronavirus Impact: France & Lebanon

Actualizado: 18 de mar de 2020

The video below is a conversation we had earlier this morning (Cheviot time) with our correspondent in Lebanon. It's important to see how other countries are affected by this virus and what measures their governments have, and continue to take, in order to round out their curve. What is happening now in America happened weeks prior in other parts of the world. If we are looking for what is to come next then we need to see what is happening across the pond.


Toulon, France.

Does this picture look familiar? What is happening here is happening everywhere. This is a look inside a grocery store in Toulon, France.

Here is something we are yet to see in the United States of America, but in my personal opinion, this is something we can expect soon. Local police and French military keep order outside of grocery stores and other essential businesses. Only a certain amount of people are allowed inside the store at any given time. "Since midday, we have been in curfew. We can no longer go out after 6pm and the exits are controlled at the doctor, pharmacy, Tabasco’s and supermarket," said David Kppl, a French restaurant owner, and Cheviot Gazette Correspondent.

The French people are also experiencing low stock or no supply at all on certain items. These items include pasta, oil, water, sugar, and of course, toilet paper.

Later today we will be speaking with members of the Toulon Police Department to get some insight into what they are dealing with, and the challenges that could be ahead for our communities. We will also be talking with Europeans from all over the world who live in a country within a socialized healthcare program to provide the same kind of insight.

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