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Fenno Fashion Hits The Road

All it took was an emergency life-saving surgery, a little luck, and a whole lot of determination for Megan Fenno to decide to follow her dream. After all, was she truly living her best life? Megan was working in the news industry. While she enjoyed her work, her heart was elsewhere. Between work, raising a family and life, her real passion was designing unique jewelry.

With a degree in Fashion & Accessory Design from Savannah College of Art & Design, trying out for Project Runway, showcasing her work at Austin Fashion Week, being named Fashion Woman of the Year for Cincinnati in 2009 by Cincy Chic(and so many more accolades under her belt) you could say she knew what she was doing. In 2007, Megan launched her business. "It has evolved a lot over the years, but one thing that's never changed is my passion for designing jewelry." Says Fenno. So after a few life-changing events in her life, she saw her moment of clarity.

The first step in her new, full-time journey was to hire a business coach(who just so happened to be the first owner of a fashion truck in the United States). Megan had a long road ahead of her. Her newly acquired business coach encouraged Megan to start her research with a book that discussed owning boutiques; It also explained running a mobile fashion boutique. From then on, the plan was set in motion.

The next step was to acquire a truck. After acting on her gut instinct, she found the perfect truck in Nashville. Without even seeing it in person, she put a deposit on her dream. You can read about her hot, smelly adventure driving a 1998 plumbing truck to its new home in Cincinnati. https://fennofashion.com/blogs/news/a-big-announcement-a-little-inspiration-for-you

Presently, The Fenno Fashion Roaming Boutique is the first of its kind in the Cincinnati region. How is it the first of its kind you might ask? Everything that Megan sells in her boutique is all handmade. Lucky for us, she will be at the Westside Market on May 4th. So make sure you swing by The Fenno Fashion Roaming Boutique to shop and say hello! Can't make it this weekend? Not a problem! Go to Megan's website http://fennofashion.com/ to see where her mobile boutique will be next and order a unique piece of jewelry-Mother's Day is coming up *hint, hint*.

*Speaking of Mothers, this post is dedicated to my mother.

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