Everywhere you need to be on St. Paddy's Day in Cheviot.

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This post needs no introduction. Annnnnd Go!

Fogarty's Irish Pub

Fogarty's is the only true Irish Pub in Cheviot. This is indeed their day and they know how to do it right. They are always the first bar to open and they get it started early folks at 5:30 am! Not only will they be open, but they will be packed! It's no wonder why either as they supply free breakfast, and t-shirts for the first 150 people! Like that wasn't enough they also have $3.50 aluminum bud light bottles and one of the best patio's in town. If you are doing St. Paddy's this Sunday, Fogarty's is a must.

Amazing T-shirt design pictured below.

Before we take a stumbling right out of Fogarty's let's hang a left and pass Rooties, and Skin's Place as we enjoy our obnoxious stroll down Harrison Ave. We are passing on these establishments because apparently making a Facebook post for one of the biggest drinking day's of the year is just so time consuming. Moving on....

The Public House

Public House is kicking St. Paddy's day off at 6AM, and if you're still hungry, or just getting up they have some of the best munchies in town. From the service, to the food, and the drink specials this is a must visit on St. Paddy's day! They also have made shirts for this memorable day for $15 a piece. Looks well worth it too me with a killer design. I definitely plan on stopping by to grab one. Make this the first stop on the Pub Crawl list! When you complete the crawl you'll be rewarded with another amazing T-shirt for free! Good Luck!

Backtracking down Harrison Ave we will stop at Skin's Place for a quick drink and see what they have to offer. They are a bar on the pub crawl list so if you want that shirt.....well, ya gotta go in. They should be open by 7am as that is when the other bar's on the pub crawl are opening....ADVERTISE YOUR BUSINESS WHEN THERE IS AN EVENT!

Full Pub Crawl list below.

Moving on...


Normally I wouldn't do this, but I like the folks at Game Time. They have really stepped up their social media presence so i'm actually pretty surprised they haven't posted what time they will be open, or what they have going on for St. Paddy's day. I fully expect them to at some point and we will update this section when they do. Either way, it's worth stopping in as it's a very nice, clean, spacious bar which should bring a good crowd, and they always have great food, and service!

**Update, Game Time will be open at 7am**


We are going to knock off two bar's in one swoop here with Kellers, and Roswell's. Roswell's decided not to advertise so pop in, have some drinks, and see whats going on I guess? If it's the coldest fireball in town you seek than head on over to Keller's. Keller's opens at 6am, and they also have $3.50 aluminum bud light bottles.

2nd Street Saloon

If you have been enjoying yourself today, and can still stand, lets go around the corner to 2nd Street. I'm guessing it's around noon at this time so 2nd street should just be about ready to close it's door's for the day. So Hurry in! They are part of the pub crawl.

And down the road we go!


And we are moving right along folks!

Dean's Hops & Vines

Thank you Jesus for Dean's Hops & Vines! That was looking pretty bleak for a minute there. Let me gather my thoughts.

Ok, I'm good now. Soooo ya, Deans! They kick things off Saturday night with LIVE music till 1am! They open at noon on St. Paddy's day with the biggest selection of craft beer in town. They are also giving away a free T-shirt while supplies last because why not? They are awesome! Make sure you hit this spot on Paddy's day! T-Shirt design pictured below.

Legends Bar & Venue

Legends is also getting started Saturday night with green beer for $1 and LIVE music from Superbad. Legends is another great bar with a ton of room to move around so you won't feel like you are shoulder to shoulder with some guy with bad breath. They open at noon on St. Paddy's day so make sure you stop by!

If you get hungry again this would be a great time to see Kevin at NYPD also!


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