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Enter If You Dare

On a scale of 1 to 10, how scared are you to go inside a haunted house? For me, it's between 8 and 10. I like the IDEA of haunted houses, but the undead jumping out and scaring me? No thanks. Living in an actual haunted house in Covington was enough for me.

On Thursday, September 12, I had the opportunity to preview the Dent Schoolhouse. I immediately jumped at the chance. I'm not sure why I wanted too since I usually stay away from haunted houses. So my buddy and I ventured to Dent Schoolhouse for a night of fright.

I know a little bit of the history of the Dent Schoolhouse, but nothing I would be 100% confident in telling someone though. I remember reading something about a janitor and kids. That's about it with my history of Dent Schoolhouse. As my friend and I were waiting in line, there was a character walking around the waiting area. I immediately thought to myself, "I bet he's supposed to be the janitor!" So I pulled out my handy dandy smartphone, and did a Google search on the schoolhouse. What do you know, Charlie McFree was the janitor in the '40s and '50s. As the legend goes, several children were reported missing, and coincidentally, an odd smell began to permeate from the basement. Were the missing kids and the smell linked? Or just bad luck for Chuck? Is this story about the sinister janitor fact or is this all just a Westside urban legend?

Anyway, back to the scary man walking around aimlessly with a large wrench or something like it(I'm not handy) in his hand. I finally mustered up enough courage to ask him if he was a janitor. He slowly turned his attention to me, and eerily nodded his head. I felt like this was my chance. My chance to be a detective and solve this infamous case once and for all. So the next obvious thing to do was to continue talking to the scary man. I somewhat confidently and nervously asked him if his name was Charlie McFree. The fear in this guys eyes said it all. He quickly walked away from me, while dragging his wrench behind him and slowly shaking his head no. He turned around and gave me one more sinister stare. He then disappeared into the night forever. Just kidding, he did keep away from me, though. He knew, that I knew, who he REALLY was.

All in all, I had a really fun time at the Dent Schoolhouse. I can admit that I screamed. I mean REALLY screamed throughout the entire haunted house. I may have also had a death grip on my friend.

I wanted to mention how awesome the Dent Schoolhouse is outside of the undead. This year, they are proud to be part of the nonprofit nationwide anti-bullying campaign, Don't Be A Monster. Please check out Dontbeamonster.org for additional information.

Have you been through the Dent Schoolhouse in the past or planning on it this year? What was your favorite part and did you laugh at your friends for being a scaredy cat. Because I did, sorry Clark :)

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