Did you get trolled by the 'City of Cincy'?

Imagine scrolling through your Facebook feed and you get a notification, ``John is going to an event: “Bark in the Park”, July 14th”. You keep scrolling and you see another, “Joan is going to an event ‘Free Cincinnati Underground Subway Tour, July 14th’. Innocently enough it catches your attention. You click the button to say you are going and make plans with the spouse. Sunday comes and you pack up the car and lug the family downtown to the designated meeting spot and get there early enough to get a good spot in the caravan going underground. The time comes and passes and nothing happens. No one moves, the crowd grows in size and in frustration. Later you find out that the event is a joke. Nothing more than a hoax.

While this all seems like the bad plot to the first half of a summer Griswold family movie it was in fact reality for some Cincinnatians. Two days ago, July 12th, the openly admitted satire page on Facebook, CIty of Cincy, posted an event stating in the details, ” We have been given exclusive access to tour the underground subway of Cincinnati. We're inviting 2000 of you to join us on Sunday! Please share our page and subscribe for a ticket to the event!”.

Some folks were excitedly interested, others seeing the event for what it was cried “FAKE”, and the managers of the satire page continued to comment throughout the thread on comments questioning if the event was real or fake. With empty answers they never admitted it was not and often throughout the comment threads you can see that some comments were hidden, I personally believe those to be comments that explained the event was in fact fake by other subscribers to the page. Still today came and if you can believe the original statement numbers were well close to the 500’s


In a video posted by The Nick Fed Music page you can see attendees standing outside of the Droeder & Miller Co. LPA building waiting for a side door to open. You can hear people in the background who are coming to the realization that it just wasn’t going to happen. One lady, in a walker, is highlighted in the video speaking on the fact that she was excited for the historical event, only to find that it was a hoax. Some upset that they had to walk in the heat, others that they paid to park, and a few just seemingly frustrated at getting got its fair to say that emotions were mixed. Eventually, in the end, it seemed that everyone understood that the “City of Cincy” page in fact set out to troll the community, and succeeded.

In a time where social media is prevalently our main source of information we can only advise that you check into the information you are finding before sharing. Understand that because the name includes “City” or “Cincinnati” that it is not always the case. In a post yesterday at approximately 2pm, the actual city owned page: City of CIncinnati Government made a post saying “A fake event about a tour of the unfinished underground subway system is being circulated on Facebook. Please do not share this content or show up to the stated time or location. This is not a sanctioned event.”

For clarification City of Cincy , a similar City of Cincinnati Government Page, and a Cincy Metro page are all satire pages. This is made obvious through the posts, comments, and responses that it gives. Nonetheless, stay aware of what is happening on Facebook and if it sounds wrong or you see conflicting information, research it further.

Did you get “trolled” by the City of Cincy today? Tell us below. Or email us at correspondent@cheviotgazette.com

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