DeWine Issues New Provisions to Emergency Order

During his address, Governor DeWine announced that he has reissued the State of Emergency Order for the State of Ohio with three additional provisions.

The new provisions include:

1. Each Business must post signage that face coverings must be worn at all times upon entry.

2 It is the business's responsibility to ensure that customers and employees comply with the mask mandate.

3. A new retail compliance unit will be forming comprised of agents from the Bureau of Workers Compensation, which will be tasked with inspecting businesses.

Businesses found in violation of the order will be given a written warning for first offenders. A second violation will result in the business closing for up to 24 hours.

DeWine stated, "we have seen rampant spread at banquets, wedding receptions, and social gatherings following funerals. To address this, we'll be issuing a new order in the next few days that will place significant new restrictions on these social activities. Specifically, open congregated areas can no longer be open."

The Governor stated that this new order would also include that everyone is seated and wearing a mask at all times unless actively consuming food or drink. The order also prohibits things such as dancing and games. The Governor also issued a warning if the current trend continues, he would be forced to close bars, restaurants, and fitness centers. This will be evaluated in one week.

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