Crookshank Homestead: A Look Inside.

The story of Crookshank homestead begins along with the story of the formation of Green township and the settlement of Cheviot. John Craig, Sr. bought 320 acres of land at Beech Flat Springs. He then built the “Cheviot Tavern”, an important location where many gathered. After the platting of the city, some of the first buildings constructed were: a two story brick house, near the southeast corner of Harrison and Cheviot Avenues; a residence, on Glenmore Avenue, which was latter occupied by the St. Martin’s Church and another residence which was located at the southwest corner of Lora and Francis Avenues. There were many homesteads built at the time: the Browne homestead, consisting of twenty-five acres on the north side of the Miami canal; Carson’s homestead or Carson’s Ranch, which part of it now became the Harvest Home Park.

Lawson Wulsin, a descendant of Enoch Carson, assisted Mayor Keller in revealing the new landmark. Family Day 2019

During the formation of the city of Cheviot, doctors of medicine were commonly brought in from Cincinnati, with the first one being Dr. Richard Dardiner Kendall, in 1827. As time went by, more people settled in Cheviot and Dr. Erasmus Darwin Crookshank settled in a homestead, near Cheviot, where he exercised his function of both surgeon and physician. Official documents, do not precise the exact location of his house, however, his death is documented to have occurred in Westwood, Hamilton County, Ohio, USA. His house was then bequeathed to his children, where they lived until their deaths. The story of this homestead is similar to many others present at this area. It was a house built on farmers’ lands that turned into a homestead to provide lodging to the ever-increasing population, that eventually got abandoned as the heirs died or moved outside.

Dr. Larry Tepe and Dr. Jan Hexamer Tepe are the buildings current owners. It is actually the second time they have bought the residence. At this time they are unsure of what the future brings to this historic home, only time will tell. Dr. Larry Tepe was kind of enough to let us tour the residence located on the corner of Glenmore and Dina, next to Tepe Family Dentistry.

If you have any old photographs, or other information reguarding the Crookshank Homestead please contact or Rich Martin the President of The Cheviot Historical Society

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