Committee determines best course of action for Frank's property is to wait.

On May 10, 2019, residents of the City of Cheviot saw something which they hadn't seen in what seemed like an eternity: Action.

The property located at 4011 Harrison Ave, better known as the old Frank's building, was delivered this notice on the authority of Safety Service Director Tom Braun. The notice stated the property was in violation of ordinance 131.05 and had 5 five days to correct the violation before additional penalties could be enforced.

Abby Erwin's full report from May 2019

City residents were intrigued, to say the least, and once again the question of what will happen with the Frank's property circulated throughout the city. The conversation then began to move towards demolition, and SSD Braun stated at the June 6, City Council meeting, Mr. Bomer, the Frank's property owner, had until July 10, to secure demolition permits and Mr. Bomer complied.

On September 27, 2019, a day which will live in Westside infamy, it finally happened. The Frank's building came down brick by brick and the City of Cheviot rejoiced. It wasn't long however before the cheers of victory simmered and that age-old question was once again at the forefront of dinner tables around the city.

What's going to happen with the Frank's property?

On January 21, of this year, Council Person Amy Richter requested an update on the property during the City Council meeting. After some discussion, the council seemed in favor of exploring options to reach an agreement with Mr. Bomer and the City in which the city would acquire the property. The Public Works Committee, Chaired by Richter, met the following week on January 28, to discuss a proposal.

The members of the council present for the meeting included: President of Council Mark Waters, Council Person Alana Tucker, Jim Sunderhaus, David Voss, Kitty Zech, and Public Works Chair Amy Richter. The committee meeting began at 7:30 pm and was concluded 19 minutes later at 7:49 pm. The intention of the meeting was to discuss drafting a letter to Mr. Bomer to see if he had any desired interest in donating the property to the city. The ultimate decision of the committee was to wait an additional 3 months before contacting Mr. Bomer because the building was recently torn down four months ago. Council Person Richter plans to call another meeting in May of this year.

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