Comfort Yourself The Low-Carb Way!

Low-Carb Options For Your Favorite Meals

Low-carb diets are great for slimming down so you can get into your favorite skinny jeans. Unfortunately, they can be very challenging to follow, especially when you get a whiff of pizza that your neighbor just had delivered, or when your kids want mac n’ cheese. The temptations abound, but lucky for you, there’s no reason to cave.

All you need is a little innovation and you can enjoy your favorite meals, low-carb style. Here’s how!

1. Go for cauliflower crust

If you’re doing the low-carb thing, you need cauliflower in your life. Consider it your new diet BFF because it can do just about anything (keep reading and you’ll see!). Among other things, you can turn it into a pizza crust. How’s that for magic?

2. Make veggie noodles

Those that go low-carb often wince at having to give up noodles. But if you get a veggie spiralizer, you’ll be able to eat all the noodles you want. Zoodles (zucchini turned into noodle via spiralizer) are one of the most popular options, though you can spiralize almost any firm veggie and make it into a tasty noodle dish. Bonus: they cook much faster than traditional pasta!

3. Mash things up

Perhaps one of the dearest comfort foods in our country is mashed potatoes. But that carb count will get you. Lighten things up and get an extra dose of nutrition by making mashed cauliflower instead.

4. Be innovative with taco night

You don’t need to give up taco night with a low-carb diet if you play it right. There are two ways you can get your taco fix. The first is to use lettuce to wrap your tacos. But if you want it to feel more like tacos, make shells out of cheese instead. It’s easy and incredibly delicious!

5. Call on cauliflower yet again

When you need mac n’ cheese, use cauliflower instead of elbow macaroni or shells. And if you’re serving something with an Asian flair, there’s no need to carb-up on rice. Use your food processor to pulse cauliflower into rice, steam, and enjoy!

6. Make pickles or cucumbers the star of your sandwiches

If you miss subs, take a large pickle or cucumber and slice it in half vertically. Scoop a little out of the middle and fill it with your choice of meats, cheeses, tuna salad, or whatever you’d like. It tastes even better than using bread!

7. Do pancakes, the banana way

All you need to make pancakes that taste great are an egg and a ripe banana. Add fresh berries on top and you’ll want these every morning.

8. Put biscuits and gravy back on the menu

And finally, it might surprise you that the old southern breakfast favorite of biscuits and gravy can be low-carb. Make your biscuits with almond flour and egg whites to get that perfect texture. For the gravy, cream cheese and sausage create a divine texture that you’ll love pouring atop your biscuits.

Now go comfort yourself the low-carb way!

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