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Did you know that Cincinnati has a circus? Cincinnati Circus Company has been in business for more than twenty years, and they are always trying to find ways to be a part of the Cincinnati Community. You may have seen them at Red’s games, FC Cincinnati, or even the Ohio Renaissance Festival! Some of you have even witnessed practices in Covedale. Not only does Cincinnati Circus Company perform here in Cincinnati, but they also travel all over the United States.

There are many types of circus entertainment options. Aerial Acrobats, Trapeze, and Stunts can be part of shows large and small; but, there is much more to Cincinnati Circus Company! Fire Performers, Jugglers, Fictional Characters, Casino Nights, Inflatable Rentals, Magic Shows, Murder Mysteries, Game Shows...the list is endless!

Covid19 has placed many small businesses in a bit of a crisis, Cincinnati Circus Company included. Cincinnati Circus Company has had to get creative with socially distant options such as: Bounce House Rentals, Yard Letter Signs, Shows seen through windows, Parades, and much more. Cincinnati Circus Company will survive!

Cincinnati Circus strives to bring joy to the Cincinnati community. Not only does hope come from adversity, but that is what keeps the fire alive. That is what keeps the doors open in the future. Helping small businesses is the key to success. Book a show for 2021! Grab a to-go coffee from your local coffee shop, or order online from your neighbor! This is what will unite us all.

Cincinnati Circus Company will keep bringing joy to Cincinnati for years to come. Let’s put “unity” back in “community.”

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