Cheviot Kids' Section: Why I Love Cheviot

Actualizado: 7 de jul de 2020

by Carson Mia Braun

My name is Carson Braun, and I am 13 years old. I’ve lived in Cheviot my whole life, and I’m so excited to write this article and share all of the reasons I love this town!

One of the many things I love is that my ballet studio is right here in Cheviot. Surprisingly, A.V.O. School of Ballet is the oldest ballet school in Cincinnati! I’ve danced there for eight years and it’s my favorite thing to do in the world!

Carson Mia Braun

Another thing I also love is finding the painted rocks hidden around town. My brothers and I have found about five, and we’ve even hidden a couple of our own!

My favorite places to shop and eat are Regina Bakery, Lenny’s Fruit Store, Cone Zone, Up Up & Away, Santorini’s, and West Side Brewing. The best part is that my family and I can walk to most of these places. West Side Market is also fun to go to in the summer. Walking to the library and the tennis courts, riding my bike around the neighborhood with my siblings, and sometimes even walking to church, are what make living in a small town so much fun!

Overall, though, my most favorite part of Cheviot is the awesome street that I live on. We have amazing neighbors who are just as close as family, and with all of the block parties, bonfires, and other get-togethers, there’s never a dull moment in our little corner of Cheviot.

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